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  1. mujahid_shahid

    Creating A Presentation, Need Your Help!

      You've lost me?  
  2. mujahid_shahid

    Creating A Presentation, Need Your Help!

    1) You must of missed my reply to Chris' question, it clearly states that malnutrition and low blood sugar can trigger my seizures.   2) Fasting is out of the question for me since one of the pillars in Islam for a Muslim like myself is fasting and the last time I tried to fast I started having seizures. The Atkins diet then is a no no because the main principle is to cut out carbs for a certain period of time, carbs are made up of sugar. Low blood sugar causes seizures for me, can you see where I'm going with this?  
  3. mujahid_shahid

    Creating A Presentation, Need Your Help!

      When I was first diagnosed with epilepsy 16 years ago it wasn't made clear to me the severity of my condition, but I was also 14 and couldn't imagine the detrimental/beneficial effect it would have on my life in the long run.   I have always been in and out of hospital ever since I've had epilepsy and the first area of my life that was hit hardest was my education, my school never had any kind of support for someone with my condition and I was always falling behind on assignments. My father gave me a hard time about this so I felt a lot of pressure to perform in school.   After I left school I got a job working in a local Burger King, after I decided not to continue with that I decided to pursue other avenues in terms of work. But I constantly found myself being discriminated against because of my condition, I went for a job once where I had to take a drug test... which I failed because some chemical was red flagged in my urine even though I informed the people interviewing me I was anti epileptic drugs.   I decided to go back to school in 2007 to prove to myself I could achieve good grades and did a diploma in medicine and medical biosciences, I got some of best grades in my class. I later got a placement at a very prestigious university to do a degree in Pharmacy but was unable to move out and live alone due to the danger I would be to myself if I had a seizure.   Finding a partner hasn't been easy because it's hard to find someone who is willing to live with my condition, this can be very frustrating at times.   I have a severe form of epilepsy which is triggered by stress, malnutrition, dehydration, too much sugar, too little sugar, sleep deprivation and intense exercise.   When I started weight training I found I had to stop after a short period of time because it was causing hormone fluctuation which in turn were provoking chemical imbalances in my body.   The medicine I have taken hasn't allowed me to sleep properly for a long time, a healthy appetite and has taken it's toll on my stomach and liver to a point where it's doing more harm than good.   As you can appreciate there is a lot I want to achieve but with my condition my life can be quite prohibited.   I hope this answers your question somewhat.
  4. Hey everyone. As some of you are probably aware, I've recently been working on a community project in my hometown to help people affected by epilepsy since support for epilepsy where I live is very minimal. I know some of you may of heard of epilepsy, some of you may know someone who has it and some of you may even know a little bit about it. I'm creating a presentation which encompasses the facts about epilepsy and I want you all to reply this thread with your questions about epilepsy so I can see what are the most commonly asked questions are, (don't check to see the question has been asked before, JUST ASK) so I can create something which will give the volunteers of my project a solid foundation in the understanding of epilepsy. There is no such thing as a stupid question so don't be apprehensive about what you want to ask. I will also try to answer as many of your questions as possible. Thanking you in advance Shahid
  5. mujahid_shahid

    Cane Mint ...

      I don't think they make blue peter badges anymore.
  6. mujahid_shahid

    Cane Mint ...

      This kind of shit is everywhere and done with a variety of things. Guarantee if you go down to your local convenience store you'll find a can of soda which was taken from a multipack where it clearly says 'NOT TO BE SOLD SEPARATELY' but is being sold separately, the seller don't give a rat's a$$.
  7. So this popped up on my news feed on facebook the other day and I found it to be a very interesting and well written piece, especially the last paragraph.   If you get the chance then I hope you will share it as well guys.   Woolwich May 25th, 2013              The news cycle moves so quickly now that often we learn of an event through other people’s reaction to it. So it was when I arrived in Los Angeles to find my twitter feed contorted with posts of fear and confusion. I caught up with the sad malice in Woolwich and felt compelled to tweet in casual defense of the Muslim community who were being haphazardly condemned by a few people on my time line. Perhaps a bit glibly (but what isn’t glib in 140 characters) I put “That bloke is a nut. A nut who happens to be Muslim. Blaming Muslims for this is like blaming Hitler’s moustache for the Holocaust”. As an analogy it is imperfect but I was frightened by how negative and incendiary the mood felt and I rushed. I’m not proposing we sit around trying to summons up cute analogies when Lee Rigby has lost his life in horrific circumstances I simply feel that it is important that our reaction is measured. Something about the arbitrary brutality, the humdrum high-street setting, the cool rhetoric of the blood stained murderer evoke a powerful and inherently irrational response. When I first heard the word “beheading” I felt the atavistic grumble that we all feel. This is inhumane, taboo, not a result of passion but of malice, ritualistic. “If this is happening to guiltless men on our streets it could happen to me” I thought. Then I watched the mobile phone clip. In spite of his dispassionate intoning the subject is not rational, of course he’s not rational, he’s just murdered a stranger in the street, he says, because of a book. In my view that man is severely mentally ill and has found a convenient conduit for his insanity, in this case the Quran. In the case of another mentally ill and desperate man, Mark Chapman, it was A Catcher In The Rye. This was the nominated text for his rationalisation of the murder of John Lennon. I’ve read that book and I’ve read some of the Quran and nothing in either of them has compelled me to do violence. Perhaps this is because I lack the other necessary ingredients for extreme anti social behaviour; mental illness and isolation; either economic, social or both. After my Hitler tweet I got involved in a bit of back and forth with a few people who said stuff like “the murderer said himself he did it for Islam”. Although I wouldn’t dismiss what he’s saying entirely I think he forfeited the right to have his views received unthinkingly when he murdered a stranger in the street. Someone else regarding my tweet said “Hitler’s moustache didn’t invent an ideology that sanctions murder”. That is thankfully true but Islam when practiced by normal people is not an advocacy for violence. “People all over the world are killing in the name of Islam” someone added. This is the most tricky bit to understand. What I think is that all over our country, all over our planet there are huge numbers of people who feel alienated and sometimes victimised by the privileged and the powerful, whether that’s rich people, powerful corporations or occupying nations. They feel that their interests are not being represented and, in many cases, know that their friends and families are being murdered by foreign soldiers. I suppose people like that may look to their indigenous theology for validation and to sanctify their, to some degree understandable, feelings of rage. Comparable, I suppose to the way that homophobes feel a prejudicial pang in their tummies then look to the bible to see if there’s anything in there to justify it. There is, a piddling little bit in Leviticus. The main narrative thrust of The Bible though, like most spiritual texts, including the Quran is; be nice to each other because we’re all the same. When some football fans smash up shops and beat each other up that isn’t because of football or football clubs. It’s because loads of white, working class men have been culturally neglected and their powerful tribal instincts end up getting sloshed about in riotous lager carnivals. I love football, I love West Ham, I’ve never been involved in football violence because I don’t feel that it’s my only access to social power. Also I’m not that hard and I’m worried I’d get my head kicked in down the New Den. What the English Defence League and other angry, confused people are doing and advocating now, violence against mosques, Muslims, proliferation of hateful rhetoric is exactly what that poor, sick, murderous man, blood soaked on a peaceful street, was hoping for in his desperate, muddled mind. The extremists on both sides have a shared agenda; cause division, distrust, anger and violence. Both sides have the same intention. We cannot allow them to distort our perception. The establishment too is relatively happy when different groups of desperate people point the finger at each other because it prevents blame being correctly directed at them. Whenever we are looking for the solution to a problem we must identify who has power. By power I mean influence and money. The answer is not for us to move further from one another, crouched in opposing fortresses constructed from vindictive words. We need now to move closer to one another, to understand one another. If we can take anything heartening from this dreadful attack it is of course the actions of the three women, it’s always women, that boldly guarded Lee Rigby’s body as he lay needlessly murdered. These women looked beyond the fear and chaos and desperation and attuned instead to a higher code. One of virtue, integrity and strength. To truly demonstrate defiance in the face of this sad violence, we must be loving and compassionate to one another. Let’s look beyond our superficial and fleeting differences. The murderers want angry patriots to desecrate mosques and perpetuate violence. How futile their actions seem if we instead leave flowers at each other’s places of worship. Let’s reach out in the spirit of love and humanity and connect to one another, perhaps we will then see what is really behind this conflict, this division, this hatred and make that our focus.   Link to article: http://www.russellbrand.tv/2013/05/woolwich/comment-page-2/#comments
  8. Hey man, sorry I disappeared off the shoutbox earlier. I wasn't paying attention to the time and got off work sooner than I expected. I just wanted to say that I trust you will find someone soon. There's someone out there for everybody- you just have to find them. :) Take care and talk to you later.

  9. mujahid_shahid

    Crown Hookah Knock-Offs

      I've been seeing a lot of glass hookahs recently and I said to myself "if I get one, I want to get a Crown hookah"   I was unaware that they weren't readily available from the CrownHookah site until today and now I come here and see you flaunting your fancy pants hookah in my face.... oh the pain of it all.
  10. mujahid_shahid

    Online Tobacco Supply To United Kingdom

    Personally I found ultimatehookah.com has excellent customer service and very prompt delivery.
  11. mujahid_shahid

    Does Anybody Have Any Idea........

    Ok, so it seems like we all have a unified answer of "I don't know"
  12. mujahid_shahid

    Does Anybody Have Any Idea........

    I can't understand the need for hoarding bowls, I generally use my Tangiers smedium, an Egy or my Crown. I have a vortex but hardly ever use it.
  13. .....when we'll see Tangiers Pico bowls back in stock?   I've checked ultimatehookah, 5star, Texashookah, Hookahjohn and a couple of other sites but can't find them anywhere.   I'm not a heavy smoker so recently I bought a Crown Micro Phunnel for short sessions but it doesn't smoke Tangiers as well as a Tang Phunnel. Does anybody here have any idea when me might see these bowls again?
  14. I'm interested in seeing what the replies are here.   I have two vortex bowls, one large and one small but I hardly ever use them. I usually just stick to my Tang bowls and my Egys.
  15. mujahid_shahid

    Al Fakher Identity Crisis

    I'm with you on this one bro, I was mad about AF DA until recently and then started getting all those issues you mentioned in your post.   I've been experimenting but wasn't getting anywhere and it's been driving me nuts, and the worst thing is I've still got lots of it left. I was thinking perhaps get some Nak da and mix it up so my AF doesn't all go to waste because I would be extremely pissed if I had to just throw it all out.