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  1. vassskk


    Had a perfect deal with Nerdy, Fast shipment (got here in 4 days), Well packed (nothing was leaking), and great communication.    5 stars * * * * * , great seller, would do business again. 
  2. Have not had any issues with vortex. For small sessions its perfect, burns all the way through, etc. I think maybe the actual amount your intended to pack into them is much less than advertised. 
  3. vassskk

    Fumo Tank Un-Boxing!

    did you get a clearing valve? Mine seems to get stuck alot =\ you having this issue too?
  4. vassskk

    No More Lurking - Eastern Pa

    thanks mustang - and everyone for the hello's !
  5. vassskk

    No More Lurking - Eastern Pa

    ^^ ha right lurking ***
  6. I have been trolling (He means lurking) this forum for a while so i figured its time to join in on the discussions.    Currently have a Mya Razo and an egyptian Furat. I have ordered a Fumo Tank however which should be here this week! Pretty excited to try out the tank; hoping to make some hose adapters and a bowl adapter at some point.