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  1. KnightHawk63

    Life Insurance?

    That's what I was wondering. Will they always check for nicotine if the cause of death isn't anything like lung cancer or heart disease?   Of course, wouldn't any death include a tox report?   Tox report...why would that include nicotine?    Dunno, just figure that would pull up anything that's not natural in the body. /shrug but I don't know much about that stuff.
  2. KnightHawk63

    Life Insurance?

    That's what I was wondering. Will they always check for nicotine if the cause of death isn't anything like lung cancer or heart disease?   Of course, wouldn't any death include a tox report?
  3. KnightHawk63

    Life Insurance?

    But I don't understand. The nicotine is the addictive and psychoactive chemical, not necessarily the most harmful. The long-term health effects come from the build-up of tar and other carcinogens associated with tobacco smoke. I mean we all know that. The nicotine is just what gives you the buzz and triggers different reactions in your brain and body. They might as well do caffeine tests too, considering caffeine increases heart rate and blood pressure. This sounds like descrimination to me.
  4. KnightHawk63

    Life Insurance?

    I think you misunderstood what I was talking about when I said it's stupid. I mean the testing for nicotine. I personally don't agree with it but I do understand that insurance companies want perfectly healthy human beings. Alcohol poses more of a health risk than tobacco through heavy use but since we are a nation devoted to that substance theres not a care about it from said companies.
  5. KnightHawk63

    Life Insurance?

    This shit is stupid. Just claim non-smoker. At least your not detoxing from something else that takes THAT MUCH LONGER even after you've stopped. Nicotine seems rather quick and I bet flushing with water and exercise will make it leave your system that much faster.
  6.   You must have some fancy pants q-tips in slovenia.   What is this. I don't even.
  7. KnightHawk63

    New Hookah User From South Africa

    Welcome! Ask away and we shall answer, hopefully we can help you find a nice new rig and get your bowls smoking better than ever :)
  8. KnightHawk63

    Glass Hookah Noob, Need Help

      Glass is something different.  Love my glass hookah.  It smokes as well as a KM but just need to be A LOT more careful with it.  This crap costs too much to drop.   You hold your glass hookah? :P
  9. KnightHawk63

    Incoming Vape Mail

    Holy shit. I think I finally understand the reason behind the mods. They are beautifully crafted! Like the vaping version of an Elmas or Tokel hookah! Out of curiosity, how much is that Mirandus? I'm guessing it's a legit mod instead of a replica or clone. The work they put into that box, the leather wraps, the engravings on the mod itself are amazing and they look heavy as hell.
  10. KnightHawk63

    Out Of Work

    Already got em in my back pocket ;) I get to be the person to see how much static I carry out of the dryer. Hahah just kidding but I got the job! Interview went very well. Get to work on a machine that makes adhesive back pieces for printers.
  11. KnightHawk63

    Glass Hookah Noob, Need Help

    Any brands you would suggest ?   KM, Farida, Magdy Zidan, Megahed, Elmas, Tokel, any kind of Syrian pipe. Shit even Shika. Lots can be found on 5starhookah. If you want a modern kind of style (like the ones you've been buying that have rusted) get a Mya, not the Econo line, but the regular. Made out of solid nickel-plated brass.
  12. KnightHawk63

    Glass Hookah Noob, Need Help

    I have no experience with glass so I can't chime in there, what I can chime in for is a nice brass with copper downstem hookah :) Haha, the tried and true and definitely won't rust on you!
  13. KnightHawk63

    What Are You Puffing?

    Recently cracked open my humidor after a long long while and have been having a cigar almost everyday or every other day since I've been out of work. Quite relaxing I might say, missed the taste of a lot of ones I've had before. Off the top of my head: last week I had a Macanudo Cafe Hampton Court, a smaller cigar - 5.7x43, Connecticut wrap, Dominican fill, some kind of binder. Two days ago I had a Don Tomas Allegro, medium ring at 5.5x50, this one was a Maduro wrap, not sure on the fill or binder, probably one of the creamiest and smoothest ones I have had, I'm definitely a Maduro fan. Today I just had a failed experience with a slightly dry Camacho Select Robusto, at least it looks like a Robusto size to me a bit short and stout sort of like the Allegro's width. While it lasted (only smoked 3/5 before trashing) had good cocoa and nutty notes, unfortunately the uneven burn and constant need to relight caused me to get a headache quick, had to dump it. Anyone else on here smoke any, at least lately? I have a picture of the same Macanudo and Camacho plus the tube for the Don Tomas, all for reference, since I had doubles. Also a pic of what's left in the stash.    
  14. KnightHawk63

    Which Do You Prefer- Rba Or Rda?

    From the sound of it I'm thinking I would be leaning towards the tank RBA, I enjoy puffing on a flavor for extended periods of time and not really interested in having to re-drip often. I'll probably grab a RDA anyway to try it out. Can't hurt to try right? Haha
  15. KnightHawk63

    Which Do You Prefer- Rba Or Rda?

    Roughly how many puffs before you have to re-drip? That's the one reason I wanted to get a regular tank RBA but they seem so expensive compared to RDA's. I guess that's because they have a lot more parts to deal with.