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  1. Hookah-Shisha

    Fake Coconaras

    Well... ultimately yes. Apparently both the "MegaDeals" and "Master Sales" coals are legitimate Coco Nara coals, it is just a question of where they are manufactured and who they are manufactured by. The Master Sales coals are the higher quality coals produced for sale through Coco-Nara.us - the MegaDeals coals are produced by a different manufacturer and typically sold outside of the US through other authorized agents. It turns out that the Mega Deals coals that we received were not of the same quality that we are used to from Coco Nara. I don't know if it was just the ones that we received that are inferior quality, or if that is the case for all the MegaDeals coals... I can only speak to our experience. I think the reason that Coco-Nara.us was calling the MegaDeals coals "counterfeit" was because they are the only authorized US distributor, so any coals that don't have their name on them would be considered by them to be counterfeit, since they don't come from the same place.   We only became aware of the details of all of this situation this morning, but we pulled the inferior quality coals as soon as we became aware of the problems. It was actually because of the drastic difference in quality that we looked into the situation further and discovered that there was more to the story. I hope my answer is sufficient, and I'll let our marketing guys know that we should get with you about a vendor thread.
  2. Hookah-Shisha

    Fake Coconaras

    We couldn't agree more... we don't want people to suffer inferior product, either. That's why we are no longer shipping out those "MegaDeals" Coco Nara coals, and never would have had we been aware of their inferior quality. We are hookah smokers first and foremost, so we know that quality is important to our customers.
  3. Hookah-Shisha

    Fake Coconaras

    On behalf of Hookah-Shisha.com, I would like to apologize to anyone that received inferior quality Coco Nara coals.  A loyal and concerned customer enlightened us that subpar coals had infiltrated our inventory and we investigated the issue immediately.  We only buy from reputable vendors, however in this case some inferior quality coals did make it into our warehouse disguised as legitimate Coco Nara.  As soon as we became aware of the problem, we quarantined the lesser quality coals to make sure no more would leave our warehouse.  We are now shipping only 100% authentic, top-quality Coco Naras.  We take our reputation for product quality seriously, and would never want to sell customers products that don’t live up to expectations. We never have, and never would knowingly sell counterfeit coals to our customers.  The good news is that this was caught quickly and we were able to identify the lower quality coals before very many boxes even left our warehouse.  To be completely clear, Coco Nara boxes distributed by Master Sales are the high-quality coals you've come to know and love, those distributed by Mega Deals are the lower quality coals.  The distributor name should be clearly stamped on the box if you have any question or concern about the coals you've purchased. So, what now? Any customers who received lower quality coals are more than welcome to contact us for replacement, credit, or refund of those coals. As always, we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase and will work with each customer to find a good solution. We apologize for the situation and you can count on Hookah-Shisha to make it right. If you have any other questions, I will do my best to answer them to your satisfaction.