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  1. Imported Shisha

    http://hookah1.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=1 Desi Murli is pretty intense. Give it a shot, helps to mix a little glycerine in though if you're not putting the coals right on, better clouds. Cool flavors even in the original kind, and a very heavy buzz. I ordered from the above site maybe two years ago and everything went well.
  2. Anyone Ever Try Candy Oils For Flavors?

    I remember a company I got some from online once, I think it was "get suckered" or something on that order. Most of the flavors worked, some were a bit weak for said use. Sadly the best place I know is a hidden baking supply store in Pittsburgh.
  3. Anyone Ever Try Candy Oils For Flavors?

    Candy oils are the way to go for homemade shisha really. They're simple, cheap and you need use only a little bit. I remember using something like 1/8 tsp to flavor a small batch (maybe 3-5 bowls worth) of shisha back when I used to make my own, but strength varies a lot by flavor too.
  4. [quote name='mavsfan31' date='23 February 2010 - 01:08 AM' timestamp='1266905321' post='453042'] The problem is that I was smoking it. I might try to appeal it, not too sure yet. [/quote] I'm pretty sure you're just screwed then. Why would you take the risk of smoking in your room when it's against the rules?
  5. This Is Sad, Im Crying

    QUOTE (boomerboom5000 @ Dec 8 2009, 09:11 AM) and another point,if ed hardy wasn't so popular most of you would be impressed by the hookah.it's amazingly amazing and beautiful Man, you trollin!
  6. Uhm... you got mad pansy lungs haha. And how exactly did the doc get those figures on your chances of cancer? Sounds like canned doc speech kinda bullshit.
  7. Desi Murli Warning....

    Once had that happen with some old nakhla orange, hell if I know how or why though. I've got ~500g of desi left from when I bought a ton around a year ago... I just keep it in ziplocs and I've been fine.
  8. The Christain Side Hug

    Not sure if serious...
  9. Any Ideas To Get Rid Of A Cold?

    Take two naproxen sodium, and eat everything for a day or two with very hot hot sauce so that you drink a lot of water while eating, eat lots of juicy fruit, and you should be good in a day. This will make you sweat just about everything out of your system, get rid of congestion, and make you feel amazing. Works on the flu and common cold
  10. Mya Dionysus And Mya Vortex

    All myas smoke pretty much the same, only real difference IMO is that with the larger ones you don't feel the bubbling through the hose like you do with the small ones. Other than that the differences are aesthetic more than anything.
  11. QUOTE (atticus @ Nov 2 2009, 03:28 PM) I always thought LEDs and hookahs were kinda tacky, but this is awesome! That's probably just because the only hookahs you really see with LEDs in em are cheesy chinese pumpkins n'at.
  12. QUOTE (jayson @ Nov 1 2009, 10:10 PM) How are you powering the LEDs? AA's
  13. Thanks for the compliments guys, this was a labor of love haha. By the way, the total cost was very low... the wood was just bits we had laying around, the old milk bottle had been taking up space for years, the LEDs were quite cheap, and the stem/hoses/heart were only a few bucks apiece. I'd say we kept the price probably just about $30 overall, and took maybe a week of afternoons total to make, just spread out a lot.
  14. Crest White Strips

    Ugh, I still don't get the whole bright white teeth obsession. You're wasting time & money for the sake of vanity and consumerism.
  15. Don't sweat it. Gotten tons of AF that looked like the bag was leaking. Couldn't find any punctures so I figured maybe it just got smeared on there during production. I'm talking probably half the AF I get has some juice on the outside of the bag.