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  1. Anoyone try this yet? My brother just picked some of this stuff up and the guy at the store said he just got it in? It's a way finer cut then AF normally is, and I got crazy amounts of smoke. The flavor is kinda like the smell of someones pipe tobacco, really like rich vanilla chocolatey coffee flavor. Anyone familiar with this stuff? Maybe AF is turning around?
  2. The other day I was smoking hookah, and my fireplace was going. Staring back at me were huge red pieces of already hot coals. So I grabbed one with my tongs and threw one on top of the bowl. It was surprisingly good. No taste imparted whatsoever, and ashed just like other natural wood coals. I am only burning natural firewood, do you guys see any problems with that or is that just like using any other natural wood coal?
  3. whitey456789

    First Time User

    well you're ahead of most first buyers. You won't hate anything....great order. Just don't give up after the first inevitable few shitty bowls.
  4. whitey456789

    New Hookah Vid

    hahahahaha that was a promo video I shot for a hair straightener for some salon owner in Boston...not exactly my favorite thing to shoot (or edit), but I got paid so w/e.... I'm just starting out in the video world so I can't be too picky on what I shoot haha...and the KM was from hookah company.... I think it was called like al quemah or something??...I bought the last one lol they took it off after I bought it that's probably why your having trouble finding it...
  5. whitey456789

    New Hookah Vid

    Hey thanks for the positive feedback everyone! I am definitley enjoying my new KM...and ghost im always around the board just not always posting haha...
  6. Hey I got a new KM ...wanted to make a little video of it smoking...check it out! http://www.vimeo.com/2735306
  7. whitey456789


    blockhead-music by cavelight=best smoking cd ever
  8. whitey456789

    Massachusetts Smokers Ma

  9. whitey456789

    Hookah + Beer

    ohh haha yeah man I see those all the time in the liquor store...im always tempted to buy one...ill def hafta try those out!...Also I find that hennepin farmhouse ale goes well with pretty much any shisha
  10. whitey456789

    Hookah + Beer

    hahaha yeahh, that sucks when it makes you sick....but I've come home after long nights of drinking, and the combination is amazing
  11. whitey456789

    New Hookah

    thanks guys, and yes....dope ass picture!
  12. whitey456789

    New Hookah

    Just bought this hookah kind of on a whim...I've wanted a KM for a while... saw this and thought it looked really dope...anyone ever smoke outta this?? http://www.hookahcompany.com/al_qemah_khal...n_3491_prd1.htm
  13. whitey456789

    Hookah + Beer

    yeah IPA'S seem to be a good fit with a lot of shisha...I like the contrast between really hoppy beer, and sweet tobacco
  14. Just wondering, does anyone pair the two like I do? I pretty much always accompany my sessions with a glass (or a few glasses) of beer. Also does anyone have any interesting pairing suggestions? My favorite at the moment is naklah double apple, and Duvel golden ale.
  15. whitey456789

    Hottest Rapper Of 2000 Thousand...

    Giant ninja and baltazar I agree with everything you said but you forgot to mention the best rap album of the decade............. Cannibal Ox- The Cold Vein. Any fan of rap no matter what kind it is should hear the cold vein before they die.