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  1. Can a new thread for Medwakh.com Coals be created? I have been using these coals exclusively for a while and I would love to share my thoughts.
  2.   Really satisfied with every pipe in the collection, but the roommate has started collecting pipes as well and I have no use for all of these.    Elmas 624: Formerly owned by Mattarios. Comes with a Nammor Cleopatra base that has a small crack in the bottom. I fixed the crack with aquarium epoxy, and I have used it every day without troubles. The stem is showing brass... I can remove the rest of the nickel plating if you wish, but I think it looks really cool the way it is. $90 shipped   Tokel Canary: Shortened it by 3", but I can include the removed piece if you wish. I would like to keep the tray, so price is without. $130 shipped with the Elmas base.    Dogan 628: Comes on a new, twice-used Turkish base and a tray. $160 shipped.    I can mix and match bases and stems if you wish. Trades will be considered, looking for things like stems, bohos, etc... The two pipes on the right are not for sale. 
  3. I am looking for a Turkish 12" base or a Syrian 10" base. I used to have these bases http://i.imgur.com/5BM6zr1.jpg and I am looking for something similar, preferrably blue. Not looking to spend more than $30 shipped for one of those bases, but we can always negotiate a price.    I am also interested in the Turkish laser-cut base, any color but green. 
  4. wek-sos

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

      Tugboat and Raptor mod, vaping some Hawk Sauce
  5. That's because most other vendors aren't in Texas. I only used H-S for accessories and coals, all of my shisha was purchased out of state. 
  6. wek-sos

    Which Do You Prefer- Rba Or Rda?

    I got a Kayfun in the other day and I have been using it nonstop. Only thing I don't like is it doesn't wick fast enough for vaping over 20 watts. 
  7. wek-sos

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    Yeah man I would give cinnamon roll a long steep if you can wait a bit. Mine's about a month old and it's just starting to shine
  8. wek-sos

    Maybe It's Just Me...

    I think instead of being at war, all of the vendors need to come together and figure out loopholes for when the FDA takes over the hookah industry. I'm willing to bet half of the vendors haven't read any of the documentation. 
  9. wek-sos

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    Looking nice Chris. I need a Nemesis, for some reason I have the hybrid adapter for it but not the mod!   Cody I like the QVapes coiler because you can tighten the Kanthal in the top screw and pull on it with pliers to get everything really even and tight. You can do the same on an RBA deck... but I have arthritis and it's easier for me to work with larger objects.    I don't think it is beneficial for every vaper, but it takes a lot of my hand pain away.  But with a block of wood and some creativity, you could easily make a similar device for a considerably less amount. http://i885.photobucket.com/albums/ac54/Rader2146/eCigs/null_zpsbce40b13.jpg
  10. wek-sos

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    Oh thanks man, I use a torch and then attach everything to a QVapes Coiler http://instagram.com/qvapes   http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/05/10/9y3u2ugu.jpg     I bought a "scratch & dent" version for $20 shipped but now they are selling for $35... I think you can find a cheaper one on the market. 
  11. wek-sos

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    http://i.imgur.com/AlhrIMX.jpg   Best picture I could get without busting out the big camera. Not perfect (check out reddit.com/r/coilporn for the perfect builds) but as long as it glows evenly, I am happy.
  12. wek-sos

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    I mean I totally understand supporting the original creators... but not at those prices. Bohos, in my opinion, are overpriced but they reflect much more craftsmanship. But at the same time a $20 KM base might not look *as good* but it still serves the same purpose.    A mod is a glorified battery holder, and from what I've read even the authentic mods are ripping off high-end flashlights. Nobody should pay $200 for something that took an hour to design in AutoCAD. Clones wouldn't exist if manufacturers cut prices and increased production.   edit - just remembered the $180 AR mod is a ripoff of an assault rifle heat shield! I'm more than happy with my $25 version :)
  13. wek-sos

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

      Rebuilt these today, running in between 0.4 and 0.8 ohms. The 0.4 ohm build has 2 strands of twisted 28g kanthal, twisted together again. It takes about 4 seconds to heat up completely, but the vapor production is insane. And surprisingly, it's the smoothest vape I've had to date! Not "hot" at all. The other two builds are parallel coils with single strands of 28g kanthal.    In the Hades I have MBV Hawk Sauce, in the AR I have MBV Bananas Gone Nuts, in the King I have MBV Cinnamon Roll. They are all clone mods and atomizers, you can hate all you want but everything in that picture (minus batteries and juice) cost me $110. You can't even buy an authentic mod for that price! Not pictured is my 60w Raptor and (in the mail) DNA 30 box mods. 
  14. Most certainly. No Texas tax on it either, no idea how they have been in business for so long. 
  15. Oh forgot to mention, I went to the store in Houston, they had a similar stem but it was all bent up. Felt very lightweight. But they were selling 750g of Nakhla for $10
  16. wek-sos

    Wek-Sos Collection

    Hmm... I know for a fact that your latest Syrian is on a Mya boho, but I don't think this purple one was Mya. It has the same general shape, but there is no chamfer on the underside of the top lip. Plus the bottom was all flat http://i.imgur.com/82qOyDX.jpg    Oh well, we will never really know. I sold that I think the day after I bought it. 
  17. wek-sos

    Wek-Sos Collection

    After owning a Fumo, Regal, more KM's than I could count, and a few Nawras and Nour pipes, I've figured out what works best for me so here it is      Elmas 618 Khalil Mamoon Trimetal  Elmas 632
  18. One of the hoses you sent me has been used for DA only. Pay for shipping and it's yours. Also have the other which I used for Paan Rasna if you are interested. 
  19. mattarios I was smoking anywhere from 2-4 bowls a day. When I smoked 1 bowl a day, I was fine. But I figured if half my day is spent at home smoking, I might as well try something different.    Just packed a bowl of Mazaya and I'll see how I feel afterwards. 
  20. wek-sos

    Rebuilding Your Coils

    I hate rebuilding those! The white rubber insulator at the bottom always rips. 
  21.   Same here. I sold all (but 1) hookah for other reasons and decided to pick up a vape. I haven't touched the hookah in 2 weeks now, and I feel so much better. I can fall asleep easily, I don't wake up with a huge headache (I thought those were from a car crash, but I guess not), and I'm having a ton of fun experimenting with new coil builds. And right now, I really have no motivation to pack a hookah bowl.     Yeah I think vapes are pretty much the tackiest looking things out there. I don't take mine out in public, and I'd never want to share it with anyone... But I really doubt you tried a high-end vape. I'm getting more flavor than a hookah, more clouds, and it's more consistent, no heat management. My vape feels less restricted than a Fancy hose, and refilling takes 2 seconds (since I'm dripping).
  22. Stuie if I'm thinking of the right place, there's also one down in Houston. I'll be there in a week or so, I'll be on the lookout. 
  23. Hmm never thought about a big tobacco company scooping up the shisha brands. I'm okay with taxes, as long as my favorite flavors are still available.    I'm sure Starbuzz is big enough to take a hit on fees and regulations, but I would rather not smoke hookah if Starbuzz is all I can buy
  24. wek-sos

    El Nefes Sultan

    Just smoked the Sultan one last time before boxing it up and shipping it out. The restriction is nice, I do enjoy it.    You could take the hose port out and drill it to be wider. But, it's at such an angle it would be hard to drill out wide enough.      The hose port would look like this if you took it out.        You could remove it and replace it with a KM hose port, but if you are paying $150+ for a stem I wouldn't mess with it too much. Pair it up with a Thunder hose and the draw will feel wide enough. 
  25. wek-sos

    Wek-Sos Collection

          It looks absolutely beautiful in the sunlight   Nope, I saw that Syrian and thought I could resell it, but didn't seem worth it.