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  1. hookedonhookah

    Hookah Manufacturers

    From their FB, I reckon they moved from Cali to Las Vegas, NV   I ran into this off the chat board. Just a quick update on the Big Head Tobacco, I'm really glad you like it. That brand is a private-label of Hooked on Hookah here in Colorado Springs. You are in luck, we do have a private label option for your business. Please feel free to pm me with the details of what you are trying to do in California. Hope this answers some questions for you guys. Happy smokes everyone  :D!  
  2. hookedonhookah

    Belgian Coals?

    Hi Grock! Hope you are enjoying your flavors from us. Just wanted to see how everything turned out for you. Thank you again and have a great weekend!
  3. hookedonhookah

    Belgian Coals?

    Hi Grock! Thank you for the order! We hope you enjoy the flavors you chose. Your order was shipped Thursday morning and should only take 2-3 business days to arrive.    Also, about the 40mm Natural Belgian Charcoal (Green/Yellow Rolls). Those are 100% Natural... you heat them up just like any other natural. They take roughly 7 - 10 minutes to heat up. Once heated they last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how you are smoking it. I would only recommend these coals if you are using a large bowl like the phunnel just because the coals are massive. Once your tobacco is heated, they smoke like a champ!    They do look just like self-lights but I assure you they are completely natural coals. They are not very popular in the US but they are probably the best coals we've ever tried in our lounges.   Anyways, I hope this information was helpful and I hope everyone on here is doing well!    If anyone has any questions feel free to pm us or ask us on our thread in the Vendor Section.  
  4. hookedonhookah

    Black Attack!

    Just ran into this thread! That's awesome! i hope you enjoyed your Irish Cream KnightHawk! 
  5. What's up HF! We are new to this forum and hope everyone is having a great night.