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  1. Hooked On Hookah

    Hi Knight Hawk, thank you very much for the order. We are very pleased to hear that you enjoyed your Pumpkin Cinnamon Blend... one of our best blends :D. We haven't updated our website pictures yet, we are still working on some artwork, thank you for the feedback on the new bags. Please enjoy and have a great weekend. 
  2. Hookah Manufacturers

    From their FB, I reckon they moved from Cali to Las Vegas, NV   I ran into this off the chat board. Just a quick update on the Big Head Tobacco, I'm really glad you like it. That brand is a private-label of Hooked on Hookah here in Colorado Springs. You are in luck, we do have a private label option for your business. Please feel free to pm me with the details of what you are trying to do in California. Hope this answers some questions for you guys. Happy smokes everyone  :D!  
  3. Belgian Coals?

    Hi Grock! Hope you are enjoying your flavors from us. Just wanted to see how everything turned out for you. Thank you again and have a great weekend!
  4. Belgian Coals?

    Hi Grock! Thank you for the order! We hope you enjoy the flavors you chose. Your order was shipped Thursday morning and should only take 2-3 business days to arrive.    Also, about the 40mm Natural Belgian Charcoal (Green/Yellow Rolls). Those are 100% Natural... you heat them up just like any other natural. They take roughly 7 - 10 minutes to heat up. Once heated they last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how you are smoking it. I would only recommend these coals if you are using a large bowl like the phunnel just because the coals are massive. Once your tobacco is heated, they smoke like a champ!    They do look just like self-lights but I assure you they are completely natural coals. They are not very popular in the US but they are probably the best coals we've ever tried in our lounges.   Anyways, I hope this information was helpful and I hope everyone on here is doing well!    If anyone has any questions feel free to pm us or ask us on our thread in the Vendor Section.  
  5. Black Attack!

    Just ran into this thread! That's awesome! i hope you enjoyed your Irish Cream KnightHawk! 
  6. Hooked On Hookah

    Hello everyone! We have updated www.hohstore.com and have added these options;   Mystque Ice Tip - $25.00 - Inside the Mystique Ice Hose Tip are non-toxic packets of water that act like ice cubes when frozen. As the smoke travels through the tip and comes in contact with the frozen water packets, it is chilled to an epically cool temperature for the smoothest, iciest, and most enjoyable hookah experience imaginable!   Belgian 33mm quick-light box - $14.95 - Each coal lasts about 30 minutes. Great for quick use on the go!  Belgian 40mm quick-light box - $19.95 - Each coal lasts about 45-55 minutes. Great for quick use on large phunnel bowls. Belgian 40mm Natural coals box - $19.95 - Lasts up to 60 minutes per coal. All natural clean-burning 40mm coal that delivers a smooth, great tasting hookah. Best for large phunnel bowls and very easy to work with.  Coco Nara - 16 piece box - $ 2.95 - 100% natural charcoal made from coconut shell. For a clean-burning, odorless and a smooth hookah experience, this is economical and environmentally friendly.   Coco Nara - 108 piece box - $ 13.95 -100% natural charcoal made from coconut shell. For a clean-burning, odorless and a smooth hookah experience, this is economical and environmentally friendly.   With all Hooked on Hookah Shisha orders you recieve free shipping on all products. Feel free to try blend any two flavors you'd like at no extra charge.    If anyone has any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.   Thank you and Happy Smoke!
  7. Hooked On Hookah

    Hi Kaoz, sorry for the delay on the response. Yes you can call us to place an order. The number is 719-232-9190, sorry we do not have a toll free line yet.    Thank you and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 
  8. Hooked On Hookah

    Thank you for the feedback. We are very happy you liked it! Thank you for your support.
  9. Hooked On Hookah

    Hi CSprings Hookah! Hope you are doing well and welcome to the forum. Have you ever been to our lounge here?
  10. Hooked On Hookah

    Hey KnightHawk! Thank you for the order. Your order is ready to go and should be arriving 2-3 days from Saturday (minus Sunday). We hope you enjoy your choice! Happy Smokes!   :D
  11. Hooked On Hookah

    Hey Spooky. Thank you so much for your order and your kind words. We appreciate the gesture for the tip and shipping but it was our pleasure to provide you the shisha. All we ask is, please tell your friends about us... help us spread the word. We are a very small company and our focus is great products and great prices. We are very happy that you gave us the opportunity and enjoyed the shisha. We look forward to serving you in the future with some more great blends.  Thank you very much and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
  12. Hooked On Hookah

    Our Orange mixes really well with almost all other fruit flavors we make. I never like to smoke straight Orange but mixed its probably our second most popular mixer after Mint. My personal favorites at the lounge are Blueberry Orange and Raspberry Orange... it gives your flavor a great orange cream taste. 
  13. Hooked On Hookah

    Hey Spooky! Thank you for the order! We'll make sure its shipped out first thing Monday morning. You picked out a great mix and we hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions feel free to let us know on here or via email. Fouda! We're excited to make your custom blend whenever you are ready to order. If you have need any suggestions for your custom blend please do not hesitate to ask.    Thank you guys and Happy Smokes! :D    
  14. Hooked On Hookah

    We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our 100g and 250g section on our website. Are you tired of ordering multiple different flavors just to mix tobacco??   Well now you don't have to! You can now mix your flavors at the low price of $7.95 for a 100g and $11.95 for 250g. Also to sweeten' up the deal, we are still offering free shipping on all orders. Visit www.hohstore.com to create your own mouthwatering blend now.     If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to pm or ask on the thread.   Happy Smokes! 
  15. Hooked On Hookah

    Arcane, Hope the website was friendly to you after work  :rolleyes:, if you have any questions about anything we have please don't hesitate to ask. Being in NM and us in CO, your order will only take 2 business days to get to you, good thing we share a border together; plus its freeeeee. Have a great night and we'll anticipate your order, thanks.