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  1. Nope, No luck Nerdy.  Once I removed the tape covering from the purge valve, it completely stopped bubbling :( 
  2. Ok...i'll try both ideas and let you know in a minute 
  3. Another observation:     The smoke stays in the jar with the water and doesn't come through the hose into my mouth. See pics 
  4. Ok you guys, I tried smoking this hookah again after I covered the holes in the purge valve.  Eventhough I get more bubbling"  there is still no smoke. sighs.    What now?  How will I know when to give up and take it back to the store? 
  5. [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:517]
  6. Ryno, Thank you for the suggestion about the airsoft BBs.  Do I have to figure out what size BBs to get?     And in the absence of BB, is there an alternative method to purge?     Chreese, thanks for that detailed post.  Very useful for a beginner.  I am attaching photos.  Hope they help. 
  7. nope, there is no ball bearing...should there be one? 
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    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Nate!   Hi Shawn!   Hi Bawhee!    Hi Fouda!     Nice to meet everyone. Thanks for the warm welcome  :D​ 
  10. Hey guys, your responses all make sense.  But I was careful not to pack the bowl with too much tobacco.  And when I say "hard to pull"  I meant I had to take a very deep breath in order to get bubbles...and it didn't feel natural to be exerting so much energy just to have a smoke.     So I experimented some more and I cover the open holes in the purge valve with plastic wrap and tape to completely seal it off and miraculously it made the pulling and bubbling a million times easier.  But by that time the coals were  done and I was too tired from sucking to try lighting more.  So i'll get back to my experiment in the morning and this time I will post pics.     Thanks for your prompt responses guys.     Vikkie
  11. Hi Guys,    So I bought my first Hookah after years of wanting one.  I was really excited but I tried using it on 2 separate occasions and no luck with it.     I'm almost certain I did everything I was supposed to but I find that 1) I have to pull too hard to get bubbles and 2) I get NO smoke or a very very thin smoke with almost no flavor.     I have made sure that it is air tight.  I have noticed that there are 2 tiny holes left open in the purge valve even after I've screwed it to as tight as it can go.  I sealed those off.  I used more than 1 coal.  I waited for the coals to get really hot.  There is sufficient water and ice in the base. I don't know what else to do.  The next thing left is to take it back to the store where I bought it.  So disappointed. What am I missing? 
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    Hi Everyone!

     Hi Everyone, I'm Vikkie from New York