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Jantzen Moore

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    Bey - Low Lord of the Hose.
  1. Ice Tip Review

    Thank you!
  2. Ice Tip Review

    Hey guys i just started a hookah youtube channel. If you would check out my new video and give some feed back that would be so helpful thanks!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNxluNg2M8w
  3. Hoses For Narrow Hose Port?

    Nammor hose would be best or a km. they have fit all of my hookah and I have seen both used on various hookahs at my local hookah lounge
  4. Hookahs!

    the second one is beautiful. i have always had a colored base. you inspired me to change that!
  5. Opening A New Hookah Lounge

    A good second choice would be any egyptian hookah with a km hose or a nammor. Share a picture of the new place once its up and going!
  6. New Hookah!

    sorry forgot to attach photo.
  7. New Hookah!

    Just added this Egyptian hookah to my collection today with a vortex bowl from my previous hookah! I bought it from a local hookah shop in Lawrence ks my hometown.
  8. Which do you prefer? I usually use qt because its a lot faster I've used both before but haven't noticed a huge difference. What is your favorite and what gives the biggest clouds?
  9. Favorite Shisha?

    My favorite is defiantly watermelon. Or blue mist. I don't prefer the starbuzz blue mint though gives me a headache and makes me feel sick.