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  1. makloto

    Usa Holiday

    when i went to new york i could not find ONE single lounge. they have some law against hookah anyways. I found only small shops that barely sold anything   since you are going to LA thats the better place i go there every year and its hookah heaven for me   In anahiem, orange county on brookhurst street there must be about 5 good hookah shops (i suggest dream tobacco) and also a few hookah lounges there
  2. Monas fine foods in mississauga. But i stopped buying locally. Ive picked up tangiers and nakhla from UH with no problems with customs and its here in 6 days with low shipping costs Thats all i do now
  3. makloto

    Good Hookah Websites?

    Shishafreak.com im from toronto and ive bought two hookahs within a week of each other from them. Really good service and great shipping. They have package deals and also single hookahs I know that if you email them they can make a custom package. Lastly they have discount codes for 15% off
  4. Thanks the best place i found sells AF and naklha for $20 250g
  5. anyone know where to buy either AF, SB, Tangiers or nakhla in toronto? or any sites that ship to canada with ease/ or canadian sites?
  6. Anyone know where i can buy shisha stuff in the GTA? Specifically AF, starbuzz or tangiers?
  7. Im liking the shine of it alot. Haha chrees i got them a while back from old navy. Best pants ever!
  8. So the trimetal requires special maintenenance such as? Ive just been cleaning it with water and the long brushes.
  9. [attachment=6146:603145_10151423204358745_939663370_n.jpg]
  10. [attachment=6145:299012_10151423013383745_1211429678_n.jpg]
  11. [attachment=6144:248741_10151423013193745_1608297258_n.jpg]some pictures of this beauty, will take better ones i was way to excited. KM Kafe is ordered and on the way
  12. Thanks for all the feedback. Any ideas on where to get a Tangiers Phunnel?
  13. Just finished a 90 minute session with a vortex bowl, AF mint and coconaras. Man what a difference compared to anything ive ever smoked out of. Absolutely love my trimetal. My bro is thinking of getting a KM. any ideas on how a KM Kafe smokes?
  14. Thanks guys! I went to the post office just now and it was there! Going to fire it up soon. They sent me a vortex bowl is that any good? Also these xhale steam stones i will try them out. Soo stoked!!
  15. I missed my package being delivered by 15 min and now i have to wait to pick it up tomorrow after 1pm so excited though i bought my first KM ever! been smoking shisha for about two years now. any suggestions on how to get the most out of this thing? I usually smoke AF or starbuzz.and have been using QL but I am going tonight to get some natural coals.