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    Al Amir Watermelon Smell/Flavor: Smells pretty good, not an extremely strong smell, but sorta like a jolly rancher before you start sucking on it (the jolly rancher, not the shisha!). The flavor was dissapointingly not strong at all. More like a cool refreshing smoke with a hint of watermelon. Much more like watermelon candy than actual watermelon (which is good I think). Cut: This stuff is thick and wet, very wet, the juices get everywhere >.< Smoke: The smoke can get very thick at times if you have the right heat management, at times it settled in front of one of my eye and I literally just couldnt see in front of that eye haha, but the smoke did dissipate fast (though it may have been the rooms airflow) Buzz: I didn't really get any buzz at all, which was kind of dissappointing due to the lack of strong flavor Amount(approx)/Duration: It lasted about an hour and forty minutes, may have gone another 15-20 if I had another coal on there but it wasn't worth it to put another on IMO. Hookah Type: 22" acrylic, washable hose Bowl: Regular clay bowl, nothing special Foil/Screen: Odd kind of foil I got from a coffee shop (I didn't have any foil on hand at the time) but worked fine nonetheless Coal/Amount: I used 2 coals total. The first one was broken into 4 by accident, then I added 1/2 of the 2nd, and later on the other half Liquid in Base: Just water, no ice Overall satisfaction (scale 1 to 10): 7/10. The flavor was good, just not very strong at all. No buzz at all so that kinda sucked, though the occasional thick smoke was pretty nice. If you just want a cool refreshing smoke then go for it, but if you want serious flavor or serious buzz, this just won't cut it.
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    New Mya Web Site.

    [quote name='r1v3th3ad' timestamp='1300998991' post='502833'] bump was looking for this for a friend and thought it could use a bump [/quote] Thanks P Diddy I've tried contacting them about if/when they plan on adding multi-hose stems, seeing as how I'm in the market for a new multi-hoser. No reply in the past week :/
  3. jordanneff

    Razan Coconut Coal Review

    [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ignl-r2wkos[/media] Not much to add other than what is in the video. Very long lasting coals! Hopefully the price will be competitive with leading coconut coals because I'll definitely be ordering some... right after I get through my 4 boxes of cocos -___-
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    Razan Coconut Coal Review

    [quote name='NazarHookah' timestamp='1295539871' post='495114'] Thanks for taking the time and doing the review! I am glad you enjoyed them! -Mahir Nazar Hookah [/quote] No problem, thanks for sending me the samples! It might be a while since I have quite the stock of coals at the moment but probably closer to summer I'll be making an order for these coals
  5. So AKammenzind and I have been talking for a few days about wanting to make little hand held hookahs for the heck of it. So on Saturday we finally went out to the store, picked up the necessary supplies which cost hardly anything, went back to my place and started makin em. They ended up turning out great. Seriously, these things pull easier than both my and AK's hookah and the freaking thing isn't even a foot tall! Anyway, I'll let the pics and video explain the rest about the HHHMH. The HHHMH in all of its ghettofab glory AKammenzind with a nice cloud (notice the pimp ass PVC handle I made ) Me holding it and failing at getting a cloud because of the wind (notice my pimp ass crutches) Here's the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjyI-pdv9W4 Anyway, another thing that we thought you guys would like to see are the coals we got. Basically, before we were about to smoke we realized "OH NOEZ WE HAVE NO COALS!" so we ran up to the local shop and they had this carboard box of naturals for $5. We decided, what the heck, we'll try them. Well... they're about as natural as you can get when it comes to hookah coals. Seriously, these were basically little chunks of tree branches that were burnt into charcoal. You could even see the bark still left on some and the rings in the tree! They worked nicely and didn't really have any kind of 'woody' taste if anyone might be thinking that, and they ashed pretty nicely. Anyway, here are some pics of em As AKammenzind says "these aren't just finger coals, they're ARM COALS" That coal is almost as big as my bowl! Notice the rings of the tree and wood as it ashes. So yeah, that was our fun little Saturday adventure, here is the list of parts we used to make the hookah in case you're wondering. Glass preserves jar with handle, 8" of 1/2" diameter copper pipe (yes, copper, oh no we're gonna die... not really since it doesn't even get warm), 3' of 1/2" OD vinyl tubing, big long stick of 1/2" ID pvc pipe (for the handle), 1/2" ID brass pressure seal little connector thingy (sorry, I have no idea what its supposed to be called), and lots of green duck tape (yes, duck tape, not duct tape).
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    Hookahs With Lights In Them

    Who said lights make a hookah cheap?
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    Delicious Dinner

    Dude omg I fucking hate cats but you just gave me the best idea ever! If cats are as tasty as you say I'm totally going to the humane society tomorrow and getting two. I mean come on, they're fucking free! Can't beat free food.
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    Coal + Carpet = Trouble.

    QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Nov 8 2009, 08:26 PM) hey jordan, remember the epic zona coal explosion in your basement? How could I forget? That thing lit up a square yard of coal fragments too impossibly small to pick up. And then when the water doused it and left a big black stain there for weeks hahahaha
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    Coal + Carpet = Trouble.

    After you figure out how to get rid of the burns I'd suggest going to wal-mart, or like home depot. They both have these 7'x9' indoor/outdoor rugs for like $20. Coals do not go through them, not all the way at least, (unless you leave them there for minutes on end, but I've always picked them up within a minute or two). For the price they're worth every penny, and they're actually pretty nice too. The great thing about em is that you can put them on a carpeted room and they'll look like a throw rug, or you can use them outside in the summer on your patio/porch. Once you get too many burns in them (if you even care) you can just get another for $20.
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    Hookahforum.com Down On Ie

    QUOTE (click @ Nov 8 2009, 01:47 PM) Opera 10 ftw. HF works fine on any browser for me. Lol I love how in every browser discussion there's always one guy who pops up praising Opera. I remember when I was like 12 I used Opera as my porn browser.
  11. So tonight me and Akammenzind were smoking some mizo guava and one of our ridiculous conversations ensued. At first it started out at how much smoke has passed through my one hookah, then the cubic yards of smoke that was, then how many times we've filled the room we were smoking based upon that, and then it led to whether or not you'd be able to survive running from one end of hallway to the other with the same cubic dimensions or if you'd die before you did because of oxygen deprivation (you would, by the way). Anyway, it all came down to one question: how much do you have to smoke to make a ring that encompasses the earth? I'll spare you the super detailed formulas and simply explain it first. Based on our calculations it takes just under a full year of smoking a bowl a day to create a 1 cubic cm smoke ring around the earth. Here's our math: So we found that the average human lung capacity is 6 liters of air. This equates to 0.21 cubic feet of 100% pure solid smoke. Since when you exhale the smoke expands and you're never going to see pure solid smoke (although sometimes it seems like it). A good hit will get you roughly a cubic foot of smoke (even though I'm sure we've all had bigger clouds - this is scientific, so we're using averages). Then we had to figure out the average amount of hits in a bowl. Assuming you are smoking with a friend, the two of you might take 2 hits a minute (once again probably more but this is an average factoring in downtime and the occasional couple minutes that no one is taking a hit). That equates to 4 hits a minute total. If the bowl lasts one hour (again, an average) that is 400 hits per bowl, thus, 400 cubic feet of smoke. We then took that 400 cubic feet and converted it into cubic yards. Since it is exponential it factored to 27 cubic yards per cubic foot (3x3x3) for a total of 14.8 cubic yards of smoke per bowl. Then we had to convert these cubic yards to cubic centimeters. This comes out to 11,315,412 cubic centimeters. Then we must convert these centimeters to kilometers. It came out to a whopping 113 kilometers... for one bowl.Already that's a 113 kilometer ring, but multiply that by 365 (one bowl for every day of the year) and you get 41,245km. The circumfrence of the earth? 40,075km. So... if you and a friend smoked a bowl a day for a year, taking an average of a combined 4 hits per minutes, you produce enough smoke to make a 1 cubic centimeter ring that encompasses the earth (and then some) at the equator. This is probably the best thing I've ever used math for. I'm interested in seeing some other equasions people come up with.
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    Zombie Walk!

    QUOTE (ih303 @ Nov 2 2009, 01:18 PM) Let's see... Pittsburgh population: 2,462,571 Rapid City population: 120,279 I'd say we're off to a good start. Check out the vid Pretty cool vid I had to laugh at the comment on it though I swear that wasn't me!
  13. jordanneff

    How To Heat My Coals

    QUOTE (Zinite @ Nov 3 2009, 12:59 AM) QUOTE (Jondd88 @ Nov 2 2009, 10:28 PM) +1 on the Walgreen's Electric Burner. I picked mine up on Saturday and like NOB said, they are on sale for about 8 dollars. I use AF coconut coals and it takes me maybe 10 minutes from plugging it in to having ready coals. I would highly recommend it. Build a little cover out of tin foil and place it over the coals. Cuts the time to light in half. I think it's easier to save the foil and put your coals on first and then go clean and prepare your hookah and load a bowl. By the time you're done the coals will be too.
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    Ok, Thats It!

    QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ Jul 19 2009, 07:56 PM) yeah, Theres actually alot of people that aren't here anymore, if I remember right they were all involved in the last seal thread. Actually I was mostly responsible for that whole fiasco and I'm still here lol Looking back on it the whole thing was stupid, but still makes me chuckle
  15. Well I wanted to make my 500th post something worthwhile. Having been a member of these forums for almost 3 years I wanted to post something with a real 'wow' factor. Thus I present to you all, Oscar - The steampunk/post-apocalyptic hookah. Me and Akammenzind have been working on this thing on and off over the past year. It all started when we were having one of our infamous hookah parties and we realized that we had too many people coming and not enough hookahs or hoses. In the course of only about 4 hours we created a design for a really ghetto-yet-functional 4 hoser, went to the store to get parts, and built it. It consisted of various pvc pipe fittings, a 1/2" copper pipe for the stem, an old glass bottle, and four 5-foot lengths of vinyl tubing. Oh, and a nice helping of duct tape and some crazy epoxy. The first time we used the thing it was a monstrous disaster. It smoked fine but the epoxy we used didn't set fast enough so we washed it out and used duct tape instead. Little did we know some of the epoxy had dripped down into the base and mixed with the water when we filled it and to make a long story shot a couple people got some bad headaches from smoking it and we were all disappointed. The next day we washed it out very thoroughly, every part that had the evil epoxy was cleaned extremely well and we ended up using a fast-setting heat resistant industrial epoxy and made sure none of it was where it wasn't supposed to be (epoxy was never supposed to touch any area where water or smoke was, only to fit pieces together from the outside). Well the next time we used it it worked fine, no crazy headaches or anything. A few months later one day we decided to pimp it out because the thing looked about as ghetto as it gets. We went with the metal look and I painted all the outside pvc with this cool metallic paint. We had my father (who is a woodworker) help us make an awesome "base box" to put the base in and keel it more secure, less tip-resistant, and overall just awesome looking. We decided for something between a steampunk and post-apocalyptic feel so thus lots of metal, fine wood, and cool boiler room-esque looks. Yesterday we decided to finally finish off all our plans for Oscar. For a while the tray (an old stainless steel cooking pot lid) was weakly soldered onto the stem but we wanted it to be more removeable so we used some split washers to hold it into place but able to take off when it needs cleaning. The long put-off addition of green LED's coming from the bottom to light up the water which you can see through the 'port holes' was probably the biggest thing we did and really makes it so much better. Also we made some hose handles out of pvc, nuts, and bolts (used to screw into the nuts to plug up the hoses). It all came together pretty well I'd say. The only thing left to do is just either paint or wrap something around the plastic parts of the handles to really tie it in with the look. We smoked a couple bowls out of it last night and watched Shaun of the Dead as a celelbration. Here's a bunch of pictures and a video of it in action. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcWh8JLWuJ4&fmt=22 Pictures:
  16. QUOTE (joytron @ Nov 2 2009, 04:28 PM) when the robot zombie invasion happens ill know where to go to smoke hookah Good choice. Besides, if any city knows how to deal with zombies it's Pittsburgh.
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    Lets Count To A Million

    EDIT: And the name's Jordan, not Jeff
  18. QUOTE (SloppyJoe @ Nov 2 2009, 04:44 AM) Oh I no longer have long hair btw. Dude, that's not long hair. Long hair is worrying how many weeks you have before you have to cut it so you don't accidentally sit on it when taking a shit.
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    Zombie Walk!

    *ahem* Pittsburgh does it best But that's cool that a hookah lounge sponsored it. Especially using ash as zombie make-up haha
  20. QUOTE (Stuie @ Nov 1 2009, 01:29 AM) Okay so I am getting my Basha out the other day for the big photo shoot. I haven't smoked out of it for a month or so and cleaned it real well like I always do and it's been in my closet. Pull it out and BAM! No idea what this is. Never happened to me before on any of my hookahs EVER! Cleaned it off, and gave it a good thorough cleaning. Still have no idea what it was. Stuie, that's the candy treat that comes with every hookah! Thought you would've known this by now...
  21. QUOTE (destructo @ Nov 2 2009, 10:48 AM) anyone else have this happen or is it just me? I can't really say for certain because my dreams (when I remember them) are always really, REALLY bizarre. Although I do remember having a really crazy dream the night before last. It could've been from hookah, or it could've been the fact that I watched the toxic avenger right before I went to sleep.... too many variables
  22. QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Nov 2 2009, 12:48 AM) awe, no sex I've been dreaming of Tangiers Pumpkin Pie since I first started smoking Tangiers over a year ago And that IS a sexual dream! Let's just say we don't need to know how the shisha got so wet...
  23. Nice looking hookah, though I always thought the design on the base looked kinda... phallic lol. Oh, and is that a hotel room or are you just really religious and wanted to take pics with your hookah next to the bible?
  24. QUOTE (AKammenzind @ Nov 1 2009, 10:50 PM) QUOTE (jayson @ Nov 1 2009, 10:10 PM) How are you powering the LEDs? AA's Yeah, it's basically 2 AA's in a battery pack. It totals 3V and since the LED's have a forward voltage of 3.0~3.2v all I had to do was wire them in parallel and BAM, t3h awesomeness. Oh, and batteries