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  1. I agree the lucid line K-Cherry is quite amazing. I'm smoking a bowl of it right now, no acclimation, 3 coconaras. its smoking amazingly.
  2. CouchKing

    Cigar Flavor?

    Ya I'm in the same situation with finals until Friday. I'll PM you
  3. CouchKing

    Cigar Flavor?

    I still have a majority of my Kamal left. I smoked a few bowls and it just wasnt for me. Definitely has a bit of a cigar taste to it. I think you've posted before that you're located in southern california. If so let me know if you want you can pick them up or I can ship them to you if you cover shipping. I'm located in Laguna
  4. CouchKing

    Redbull Shisha?!?!?

    I smoked a few bowls of another brand's Red Bull flavor. It was some random brand from Kuwait, and it tasted exactly like nothing. I had to follow up with some Starbuzz to lighten my day back up.
  5. CouchKing

    Orange Counti-ites

    Visions smoke shop in lake forest sells starbuzz in both 250g and 100g tins. Theyre located on the corner of Marguerite and Ridge Route (I think). The lounge next door is amazing as well. As for the coals, I get mine online.
  6. I was in the same boat for a long time. My problem was that I wasnt packing the bowl enough. I basically just acclimated for 30+ hours, stirred it, packed bowl to the top, then packed atleast 10g more into the bowl until I couldnt fit anymore in it. Worked perfectly.. now I'm just trying to get the "amazing flavorful sessions" everyones talking about.
  7. CouchKing


    good luck! made sure you pack it very tight into the bowl and start with 1 coal and add another if needed. Took me almost a full year to get tangiers going (failure on my part).
  8. I have a 250g package of Tangiers Cocoa ordered roughly 12 months ago. Its still unopened. Do you guys think I should just acclimate that overnight instead and see what happens?
  9. I've had it for atleast 8 months. I got it from MNHookah back then, and after trying it a few times I sorta gave up and since then it was sitting sealed airtight. Just stirred it all up so the juices are evenly spread and Im letting it acclimate all of tonight then I'm gonna smoke a new bowl of it tommorow after class (15 hours from now).
  10. Its been acclimated for over 13 hours in container and 30 minutes in bowl all within the same environment and I made sure to get a lot of juice as well. I'm stumped as to what it could be other than possibly a bad batch. I remember reading a while back about the barbeque tasting tangiers batches? Mine smells like it.
  11. It tastes like nothing. The flavor I'm smoking is Peach Iced Tea. I've been trying to get this stuff to smoke for a while now (>6 months) and now that I finally got it smoking amazingly, it doesnt taste like anything. Theres no harshness or tickle, and I even smoked 2 hours into the bowl to see if the flavor was hiding somewhere. Setup: Mya Bambino w/warm water Small Funnel bowl packed over the top Razan hose 2 coconaras every hour. Any suggestions? I'm thinking I may just need a stronger flavor.
  12. CouchKing

    What To Smoke Tonight?

    Chocolate mint no doubt.
  13. Pumpkin Pie/Sweet Melon mixed 70%-30% or Chocolate Mint (alltime favorite)
  14. CouchKing

    Buying Tobbaco In Toronto

    Welcome, I was just in Toronto this past winter and I was having a similiar problem finding decent tobacco. After searching everywhere and only finding $22 50g boxes of Nakhla, I ended up ordering from MNHookah. It took about 7 days to get to me, and the way Tariq packed it all, there was no way to tell/smell what was inside. Definitely check out MNHookah if you're looking to have some stuff shipped out to Toronto.