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  1. lazria

    Rosseta Shisha

    AW: Bounty, Kiwi and Vanilla Rosetta it's hard, I hated the strawberry (has a ciggy taste to it), but the Blueberry was decent. Vanilla had no taste, Grape was ok, same with Peach. Unless the price is equal to the AW, stay with the AW.
  2. lazria

    Questions About My Ghetto Hookah

    Not to be evil, but is both scary and cool all in one breath. I would never smoke from it... the toxic fumes and or smoke may kill, but it looks so McGyver-ish, it just has to sit somewhere where people can see....
  3. It's looks ok, but as JD keeps spouting - Expired shisha is alright till the mold starts (J/k). And yes, you can get "fake" AF from well known vendors. I got a "fake" box... which in retrospect, wish I had kept.... since it smelt better than the "replacement"
  4. Your package looks similar to one I received from a online vendor in place of true AF. After contacting them (AFonline), they agreed it wasn't their product. I'm not 100% sure of the whole story behind it, but it's not produced by the Al Fakher company. And I think he's talking about a Glass-top stove range, it just looks like a sheet of glass for a range top. Be carefull lighting coals on those directly, I know of 1 person who did have his shatter, but it was an older model (newer versions may have better glass).
  5. Number 1: HookahCompany - never, ever had an issue w/ them Number 2: Nazar Hookah: again, no issues and very helpful Number 3: is a vendor not on the list and I'm not 100% sure of listability. I always have a top 5 and these three always stay in the top. Hookah-Shisha is number 4 in my book, only becasue if 2 orders have gotten screwed up (mostly fixed, but still... 2?) Number 5 slot is a Tie (MNH, Exotic, & H-H). PirateHookahs was up there, but sadly gone (sniffle)
  6. Blueberry smelt great, but to me & my friends, tasted like Fruit Loops. Red Sweet Melon was alright, but rather short lived. Pink Lemonaid so far has been the best of the lot. Very good flavor, but very messy. My hookah looked as if it was bleeding when I finished.
  7. Messy as heck, but very good. One flavor I'll have to seriously consider purchasing.
  8. Yummmiieeess.... Nahkla Peach.... But I would go for the Vanilla or the Marg.... guava has never been my cup'o tea.
  9. Happy B-day G of D.... new wifey and 1 year older..... some people have all the fun!
  10. Did you use a Windcover in your test? I tested both coals the other day... 1hr 25 min w/ Exoticas (2 - 1.25" pieces) and windcover (super thin smoke by this point - no taste) 1hr 40 min w/ Coconars (2 squares) and windcover (taste, but whispy thin smoke) They both have their plus & minuses: CN's don't always produce enough HEAT without a Windcover. A small Egyptian bowl uses 2 coals + windcover or no smoke (but lots of taste). 3 coals is TOO much, even with No windcover. But they retain the shape well. Everybody has heard the "bad batch" issues with Exoticas. One Exotica split half way thur the bowl during an ashing - the CN's never break/crumble apart, but the Exotica did produce more heat & smoke without the use of a Windcover. It's a toss up over which I like more....
  11. lazria


    Welcome to the Empty Hookah Wasteland that is Hampton Roads. I'm in Norfolk and there isn't any other Hookah Lounges this side of Richmond that I found (other than Lazy Dayz). I know where most of the good shops are to get thing on the southside, so if you need to know where to find something, give me a yell. And the legal age to purchase tobacco and related products is 18 - anything less and the both the person SELLING and BUYING risk legal trouble. Due to the wack bumm laws in this state, you may not even be ABLE to bring your friend to Lazy Dayz. Would you risk the only hookah lounge in the area, just to smoke? The Owner of LD is here on HF, but I don't remember his screenname. You could try calling them and ask? Why are you trying for the Hookah bar? Just smoke at home, no worrys and alittle more fun.
  12. lazria

    Replacement Vases?

    I had a stem that fit the same size base jar that your looking for - try Social Smoke - go with the LARGE bases and it should work. Mines heavy and solid (got the Green Frosted w/ silver stripes)
  13. Interesting to say the least, although something in me takes offence at the last line the "abstract" version... "more detailed study of a larger group of randomly sampled U.S. waterpipe tobacco smokers will be valuable in understanding this behavior and developing effective strategies to prevent it" So they want to prevent people from enjoying their rights and smoking.... blarg
  14. lazria

    Al-fakher White Grape

    I too recently suffered the "bad batch" of AF Grape. One tub was real bad, even after sitting a week or so, it's wasn't better - in fact it was WORSE. The second tub smelt off, but after sitting around half open for a week, it smelt fine & tastes perfect. First batch was Oct 2007, second was Sept 2007. I've had two Aug 2007 batches that were perfectly fine. JD - the bad batches are so disgusting, I wouldn't insult a Hookah by burning that chemical/rotten mess thru it. It made me want to toss my dinner at first smell. (((added Producation dates)))
  15. lazria

    The Hookah Cig

    you wouldn't be able to pack it, unless you completely took it apart - his picture is not what the true ciggy looks like - it's plastic-like paper. It has a charcoal plug @ one end and a filter @ the other - tobacco in between. You need to "heat" the coal on the end and draw. No ashes, but very little smoke - almost no flavor. It's supposed to "filter" the bad stuff out, plus since you never burn the tobacco, it's supposed to be better for you.... but AK, your right. Either don't smoke, or save your money and smoke something better. Also, they ran $6 a pack (very $$ here) and are impossible to find anymore (localy).