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  1. Hey Everyone!

    Interesting way to describe that, aeon! Thanks for the input... now I'm extremely tempted to try that!
  2. Hey Everyone!

    Very helpful. Thanks, Chreees! Though I now feel like a total noob after reading your Guide. Will definitely be trying this soon (and going to the lounge as well).
  3. Hey Everyone!

    Thanks, guys! Will definitely be trying those flavors (and Tangiers in general). I've read and heard nothing but good things about it, so I'm sure it'll be great. I've read a few things about "prepping" it... is that any different than usual? Is it good for Vortex bowls? Any advice on it for when I do get some? Thanks in advance! And thanks again for the welcome!
  4. Hey Everyone!

    Nice, thanks man. Will definitely be trying those as soon as possible. Any chance the "cactus fruit" flavor is close to "cactus breeze" from Fantasia? Just so happens to be a favorite flavor here.
  5. Hey Everyone!

    I will definitely be trying it for sure as soon as possible. Been stuck on a lot of Fantasia lately... any recommended first try flavors?
  6. Hey Everyone!

    Thanks, guys! Unfortunately, I have NOT tried Tang... I would love to though, between all the posts I've read on here and good words about it, I NEED too. And right on, Coleman... that's literally like 10 minutes TOPS (with slight traffic at Black Mountain/56 onramp) from where I'm at man! Again, thanks for all the warm welcomes, and I hope to share/learn as much as possible!
  7. Hey Everyone!

    Thank for the warm welcome, guys. And Coleman, I'm in the Mira Mesa/Scripps Ranch/PQ area... what about you, man? Pretty sweet that you're in the same town!
  8. Hey Everyone!

    Hey guys, new forum member here from San Diego, California. Saw the forum, noticed how laid back it and the people on it seemed, and decided to join. I've currently got a trusty Khalil Mamoon hookah, and loving my Vortex bowl and Nammor hose. Hoping to learn as much as I can, and (hopefully) share what I might know! Thanks for checking this out!