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  1. Starbuzz, Fantasia And All Glass Hookah For Sale

    Could you submit pictures of the hookah?
  2. My Collection Thus Far.

    Thanks guys and yeah Deprekate my doesn't have a purge, but I have no other vase I want to put it on.
  3. My Collection Thus Far.

    Thanks Twitchy! I bought the Tunisian from a friend, and the heart is so big it doesn't fit most vases.
  4. The only pipe that isn't mine is the pipe on the red bell. All the vases on the left of the aqua teardrop are Nizbor. The teardrop the mini jumbo and the montego are all BJ Glassworks. The Tangiers bowls are large medium small and mini SC, old large old medium old small old mini, new medium mew small old 7 and a pico. Hose tips: double orb, single orb, mushroom, unknown but I call it spike, a wand, and a clay orb. Yes that is a nickel base tray.
  5. Fs: Syrian Nawras + Bohos

    Dibs on the solid staff.
  6. Chreees's Collection Thread

    John half the shit you sell is way over priced, don't reem me for it! XP
  7. Chreees's Collection Thread

    Much jelly then..... I haven't seen any group buy activity recently lol
  8. Chreees's Collection Thread

    2013 mini?
  9. Bohemian Vases

    Sorry, I just had to say it :P
  10. Lol 20 dollars that's it? Shit..... Just buy it John
  11. Fs Boludo's Collection V2

    How much for just the OG tri?
  12. Bohemian Vases

    Put up your nizbors if you want vases to sell lol. Everyone and their mom has Bj's and egermann vases.
  13. Thanks for skipping me in line.