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  1. Whorista

    My First Hookah

    This is my first hookah, a 3 foot tall, white mosaic Starbuzz hookah. I just got a job at a hookah shop about a month ago and have always enjoyed smoking. I am very excited to taste all of the shisha that we have and decide which ones are my favorites and which ones blend well together. I'm also looking forward to giving customers quality service through first hand experience. I have had my hookah for about a week now and it has been very enjoyable. The first flavor that I tried was Starbuzz 'Pirates Cave', I have since picked up many other flavors. The flavor that I have been smoking tonight is Fantasia's 'Purple Haze'. First of all Fantasia's shisha is driMFing in flavor syrup, you can smell the shisha right when you open the box. A pungent syrupy grape smell followed by a slight mint. At first the grape could be mistaken with children's cold medicine. The smoke has a heavy purple grape taste with that tiny slight bit a mint at the very end. I have a feeling this flavor would pair well with a glass of my favorite red wine 'Royal Bitch'. Its a sweet red wine, not too dry. When I think think grape with mint this is what I imagine it would taste like. ​ I like the convenient little zip lock bag my 50 grams of 'Purple Haze' came in. Its definitely the messiest shisha I have had to deal with yet, but the strong flavor is definitely worth it. I think of royalty and colors like royal blue or royal purple when I smoke this flavor. I am still very new to this and another reason I am keeping a log is to watch as my palate changes along the way. I always love to journal about coffee tastings and different restaurants I have been to, so I figured why not start one for my smoke? my long term goal is to blend my own unique flavors. Feeling a little restless tonight so I was considering packing another bowl before I try to go to sleep. I have a small 50 gram container of the Paraoh's 'Sex on the Beach', it was the cheapest closest thing to coconut the shop had at the time and I have been craving pineaMFle as well so I thought I would give it a shot. It's far messier than the fantasia. Its a light sweet flavor, a great tropical combination. I noticed that this one is made with molasses. I wasn't paying too much attention to the fantasia, but I am very interested in figuring out what the differences in sugars and syrups are. I feel like such a blubbering newb, but I know I'll figure it all out.
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