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  1. AbuSophie

    WHat is it?

    Found it! Bazookah Matador, starts at $4,199.00...depressing.
  2. OK guys, help me id this hookah.
  3. Has anyone purchased one of these? Seems fishy...has a pic of a Meduse hookah with “OSCAR” over the name. I do see some of them on the Shapes website, marked up tremendously.
  4. About 2 years ago, one of you guys helped me find the name of this..."Da Bomb". I have beat myself to pieces trying to find one to buy. Not skilled enough to make it myself...any ideas?
  5. I would really like to see how much it is, but I cannot find it anywhere. AS
  6. Mushrat, I bow to you! I've been looking for days, and you find it in an hour!