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  1. I'm Special....not.

    Nawras Syrian Hookah @ 5Star

    I haven't gotten a new hookah in awhile.. but i do have one i got awhile ago when i was in Texas... it's like 3- 4 years old and works great. I also got a new one for christmas this past year. It's a Mya Bambino. I love it. it's pretty, smokes well when u get the water measurements right and it's small enough to fit above ur fridge or maybe a cabinet. at the moment i own 4 hookahs and two of them have carrying cases. well anyways, LATERZ
  2. [color=#800000]That is so nasty.... [/color][color=#40e0d0] I have never and will never [/color][color=#0000ff]buy a used hookah. [/color][color=#006400]although i am bad about cleaning [/color][color=#ff8c00]the hookahs when i buy them [/color][color=#008000]But i do really scrub them when i need to clean them.[/color][color=#daa520] and i mean i scrub it!. lemon juice, baking soda, the brushes. i mean i SCRUB[/color][color=#008000]. [/color][color=#0000ff]but not once have i ever had a hookah look like that. i have [/color][color=#800000]smoked .... EDIT out of a hookah before. [/color][color=#ee82ee]and yea.. smells nasty, tastes nasty after[/color][color=#008000] [/color][color=#ffa500]u try to smoke actual shisha out of it. but i scrubbed[/color][color=#008000] [/color][color=#800080]and scrubbed it until it [/color][color=#ffa500]finally went away... and.. [/color][color=#008080]smoking regular shisha out of it helped a lot too...[/color] [color=#ff0000]BUT NEVER GET A USED HOOKAH!!!!!! [/color][color=#00ff00]Most of the time...[/color] [color=#b22222]a used hookah is really degraded [/color][color=#0000cd] and normally.... was used by pot heads[/color][color=#800000] so honestly, NEVER get a used hookah again... well unless u thoroughly check it out.[/color] [color=#daa520]But honestly, I would rather spend the money [/color][color=#ff0000]on a brand new hookah, instead of a used one. [/color]
  3. I'm Special....not.

    What Happened To My Hose? Yuck.

    [size=4][color=#B22222]well sometimes it's not just rust or the hose that is degrading... [/color][color=#006400]sometimes u get the ash from the shisha in the hose...[/color] [color=#FFD700]then u get it in ur mouth...[/color][color=#00FFFF] UGH so nasty. it's def. [/color][color=#FFA500]not the charcoal. but sometimes[/color][color=#EE82EE] it really is the tobacco that gets in the hose.[/color][color=#800080] i use a vortex and i like to pack it[/color][color=#00FF00] a little bit fuller than what it recommends.[/color] [color=#FFA500]but the old [/color][color=#800080]bowls i was using, u know that ones with the holes at the bottom?[/color][color=#DDA0DD] [/color][color=#B22222]yea.. those... let a lot of burnt shisha pieces into the hose..[/color] [color=#FFA500]and then some of it gets[/color] [color=#FF0000]caught in the [/color][/size][size=4][color=#0000CD]hose. well i hoped i helped a bit. [/color][/size]
  4. I'm Special....not.

    Shisha In Savannah Ga

    [color=#daa520]I like the colors.[/color][color=#008000] I think it makes it a bit different.[/color][color=#800080] plus i have a good eye for color.[/color] [color=#008080] anyways that cigar shop that posted[/color] [color=#800080]in here, the outman knife and cigar is gonna[/color] [color=#ff0000]close at the end of this month.[/color][color=#ee82ee] so everything is discounted and [/color][color=#b22222]they carry a fair amount of[/color][color=#B22222] [/color][color=#008000]starbuzz and they have fantasia[/color][color=#FFA500] and al fakher. well... anyways, laterz![/color]
  5. I'm Special....not.

    You Know You're A Hookah Smoker When....

    When you smoke more than one bowl a day and then u get mad when u have no more shisha and you figure out if u have the money to go get more at the store! and yea.. have a few burn marks in the carpet... and get a rug to cover them up. also when u come home from work and make a bowl before you go to bed.
  6. I'm Special....not.

    Shisha In Savannah Ga

    [color=#ff0000]That Cigar shop i posted..[/color] [color=#ffa500]it's closing at the end of this month! it sucks!!!!!![/color] [color=#0000ff]so stuff is also discounted[/color][color=#00ffff].[/color] [color=#800080]and necro a thread?[/color] [color=#ffa500]what do u mean by that?[/color] [color=#008000]i just highlighted [/color][color=#006400]and changed the color, lol [/color]
  7. I've used many types of coals and my favorite ones are the Belgium Naturals. I don't like the coco nara too much because they don't last very long and i have to use two of them to keep my bowl going. (i have a vortex bowl) So, I just keep to my natural charcoals.
  8. Ok one, the buzz is freaking great. u feel lightheaded and it's great.. although the nausea isn't so great.. that happens if u smoke too much or it happens more for beginners since beginners have almost no tolerance. I have been smoking for 7 years now. I almost never get the buzz unless i'm smoking in a Lounge (really great one in texas) or it's my first bowl of the day. I smoke everyday... actually more than once a day.. but that is me... i know.. i'm an addict. and two, yea u will so get used to smoking the hookah, but honestly switch from the instant lites to the Belgium Natural Charcoal --- this is the brand I use. it doesn't change the taste of ur shisha, it doesn't let of that "smell" the quick lites do and they last for a lot longer although they only come in 40 mm You can find them on socialsmoke.com they are well worth the price. better to get the box then just a few rolls... but if ur new to them then get a roll and try it.. I light mine on the stove (mines electric) but if you have any surface that turns RED when heated, use that to light ur coals. these ones also don't need to be fully ashed over the top to start smoking. u can take it off the stove once it's red/ashed halfway up the side of the coal. Well I hoped this helped!
  9. I'm Special....not.

    You Know You're A Hookah Smoker When....

    When you even suggest to places that sell hookahs and coals to go on the sites u go on to get cheaper stuff for their store. and when u can hardly go a day without a bowl. running out of coals = sucks
  10. I'm Special....not.

    Shisha In Savannah Ga

    [font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif][size=4][color=#FF0000]Ok, there are a few places to buy shisha in Savannah. Red Light sells it.. although for kind of a steep price, my favorite place to get shisha from is the Cigar Shop in the mall [/color][color=#800080]( i think the new one with the Target) u go in through the food court hang a left and you will see it almost right away on the left hand side. the starbuzz 100 grams is a bit expens[/color][color=#B22222]ive, but so worth it. they also sell al fakher and fantasia but only as 50 grams. Starship adult store also sells shisha.. and i think the steam stones, but I haven't been there[/color][color=#0000FF] in so long that i don't know anymore. Now IF YOU REALLY WANT SHISHA FOR A CHEAP PRICE then go to 5starhookah.com and if you order [/color][color=#006400]before 3 pm their time ( 3 hours behind GA) it ships out same day. I normally order my stuff on Friday, and I get it either by Monday or Tuesday the following week. (so like 3-4 days delivery) That site has the cheapest prices, but if u want it ordered fast tell them to send it[/color][color=#FF0000] [/color][color=#000000]through USPS and not ups. and yea there is a hookah bar in savannah now..... but because of that law that got passed, it's only allowed to serve the herbal crap... (gives me headaches) the place is called The Mirage[/color][color=#008000] (really good food and drinks) ummm there is a gas [/color][color=#800080]station in savannah that also sells shisha[/color][color=#FF8C00] i THINK. i'm not sure since i no longer go there because they never[/color][color=#FF0000] [/color][color=#0000CD]had what i wanted. Well any questions or comments/concerns just message me on Facebook or on here. Laterz![/color][/size][/font]