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  1. Which one would be best to purchase orange or grape, I am planning on mixing both like what it says for the title
  2. HI guys so i found this seller [url="https://hookahcousins.com/"]https://hookahcousins.com/[/url] and they are surprisingly my nationality. So I spoke to the ceo and we got a long real well!!! EDIT......
  3. When you wake up during the night at 4am checking out the status on when your next hookah and shisha will arrive than going back to bed.
  4. Hello guys, I finally got my cousin to start sending me tobacco from the states, the cost of each Al Fakher and Starbuzz 250g is 15$. She will have it shipped over to my place, I was wondering it will have to cross customs so if they know it's tobacco and it was sent as a gift by a family member will I still pay duty taxes?
  5. [quote name='samwisegamgee' timestamp='1341960012' post='551344'] no dscrimination agnst d linguallly chlnged plssss!! ive 2 type lyk dis 2 gt sum elvs bread cuz dat shit is bomb! u type nrmlly...evr had elvs bread???? yeh...i dint fnk so. [/quote] lmao surprisingly I can actually read what hes saying very quickly!
  6. Your transmission is fried. No matter weather you have brand new transmission fluid or not. As long as It jerked you know your gears are worn off. The fact that it doesn't reverse only revs you blow the gear. Since it is a toyota camry 04, automatic transmissions are not too costy. Your looking at a 4-600$ transmission. My suggestion is you buy a brand-new transmission or even a transmission with about 40--80k miles. Having a mechanic shop order a transmission for you and install it you will be paying more. Your best off buying a transmission yourself and having them install it for about 250-300$
  7. bye bye

    Canadian Smokers

    Toronto, Ontario... No where to buy cheap AF tobacco all 35$+ for 250g.. I need a hook up
  8. Hi guys I'm in toronto ontario. I was wondering where can I buy the cheapest 250g AF flavours? I'm paying 30-35$ per 250g AF! Any cheaper than that? If possible any warehouses in Canada between toronto and hamilton where I can get cheap prices?
  9. Alright guys, so I've got some flavours to play with here and willing to buy more. AF Brand Apple Gum Mint Chocolate Vanilla Grape (White Peach) Starbuzz Any good mixes with what I've got here? Willing to pick up some more AF Flavours if needed thanks!