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  1. Hello From Ontario!

    Guess I haven't made one of these. Found the forum when searching for supplies in Toronto (Tobacco, Bowls, KMs etc). Hope to learn some and find some great deals as its really hard to get anything here. Currently got: Starbuzz Bluemist, Straberry, KM with Large shallow Egyptian bowl, and KM washable rainbow hose. Still trying to figure out how to get flavour as my last session(s) havent had any (never really have had flavor tbh). Hope to learn some!
  2. Canadian Smokers

    [quote name='bye bye' timestamp='1344339748' post='553530'] Toronto, Ontario... No where to buy cheap AF tobacco all 35$+ for 250g.. I need a hook up [/quote] Also in Toronto and ate a nice Customs fee for bringing it from the US, mis calculated hard.