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  1. Couldn't tell ya, I never tried. I smoke AF.
  2. I love Black Diamonds Coals! They are huge, last forever and half the price of CN.
  3. ShishaFreak

    Blazn Burner

    The Blazn Burner holds 6 Coco-Nara coals at a time. It takes exactly 5.30 min to get them red hot. It also has an Auto-Shut off, in case you forget them on it.     I love mine. 
  4. Seriously??? How much disposable income do you need to have to buy a Hookah for $100,000? How much is an extra grommet? 5000$? What a crazy world....
  5. ShishaFreak

    Thoughts On Coconaras ?

    Thanks for the mention Twitchy!
  6. Jennamagashi: I love my Lotus!  I use it every time I smoke!  It really makes session smoother, longer.  I would have to say that I use 25%-30% less coals.  Also... there is not need for playing around with your coals like foil.  You know what I mean, The rotating, the fliping, the removing excess ash... all that crap... You just put in your coals and smoke.   `You Just Set It and Forget it!   About the price, your right, it is a little pricey! But, then again it has a lifetime warranty.
  7. I wanna first off start by saying I love my Kaloud!   It has extended my smoking sessions.... The smoke is tastier.... The coals last longer....   But OH MY GOD!  Cleaning it between sessions was a nightmare.   It is impossible to scrape off all the old, burnt, dried up tobacco.  I tried nylon brushes, I tried hot water, cold water... but there is still it would not come off.   I finally found the solution, after my session, I filled an empty Al-Fakher plastic 250 gram bucket with cold water and dumped the whole thing coals and all into the bucket.  It steams like crazy but it can handle it.   The next day you simple dump out the black dirty water and scrape off the bottom of the Lotus  with a steel or nylon brush. Presto it all comes off!  Like new again.   I have been doing this for about 3 weeks now, my Kaloud still looks great.   Hope this helps out some frustrated Kaloud owners.
  8. ShishaFreak

    Got My Kaloud Lotus, Today!

    Hope these pix help!
  9. ShishaFreak

    Got My Kaloud Lotus, Today!

    Hey KarmaBarker, what dimensions do you need exactly, I will mesure it for you. No Prob.
  10. ShishaFreak

    Got My Kaloud Lotus, Today!

    Well I tried mine for the first time yesterday. Two CCN and AF Lemont Mint in a Vortex, with my KM Tri-Metal, KM Rainbow Hose.   The session lasted 1:45 min. Never got harsh, never touched the coals, left the cover closed the whole time.   Never gonna use foils or screens again.   I'm SOLD.
  11. ShishaFreak


    Actually I also use that expression! LOL, it`s gotta be a Canadian thing!
  12. I came across this... I thought you guys might find it interesting.... Thats right, its not a TYPO.... $100,000.00 for a pipe! I guess some people just have money  to burn!   The link is http://ifitshipitshere.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/100000-hookahs-the-worlds-most-luxurious-shisha-by-desvall/  
  13. ShishaFreak


    Hollow??? I don't understand.... I have one right in front of me...It is solid. And quite heavy... are we talking about the same model?
  14. ShishaFreak

    Need Help With Hookah

    Just buy from a Online Canadian Vendor.
  15. ShishaFreak


    I would definately go with the KM Kafe. Its one of my favs, it smokes really nice.   :)