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  1. packersfan23

    Your Favorite Shisha

    Has anyone ever tried Cuzzins?  It's really good.
  2. packersfan23

    Addiction And Alcoholism

    Keep up the good work with your recovery!  Like wvloony, I'm not going to insult you by putting myself in your position; I can't and it'd feel like I was cheapening your experience.  People tend to classify addictions as an problem that only afflicts the poor and disadvantaged.  This simply isn't true.  Addiction afflicts a lot of people from all walks of life.  People can also find addiction in things that aren't typically considered addictions; gambling addictions, for example, are very real, as real and as serious as drugs or alcohol.  A lot of people don't know much about addictions, and are perfectly happy with their ignorance.  We need to educate people more.
  3. packersfan23

    Oddest Time To Smoke

    While driving.  It wasn't a compact hookah either, it was my full size one.  I don't advise it.  If you hve to hit the brakes suddenly or accelerate suddenly, you're gonna have a bad day.
  4. This takes gag gifts to new heights
  5. I've smoked other people's hookahs (namely bradleyclark86's) for about 5 hours, on mine I have gone 3 in a Tang Small Phunnel.
  6. When you start ordering direct from Eric.
  7. I guess I dodged a bullet when I got my Tang small phunnel from them. I can take a hint though, thanks for the warning. I'll shop some more reputable places now.
  8. packersfan23


    I've run the gamut in my life. I started out Baptist (not crazy fundamentalist though) and was happy with that for most of my life. I was involved in the church and did just about everything, I even went on a mission trip to Kenya at age 16. Then, a couple events happened at age 21 (rather not get into those particulars) and I decided that any just God would not have let it happen. I was essentially Atheist. After a time passed and after talking with my godfather, who is a minister, I decided to go back to church. My girlfriend is Catholic, and I've thought some about converting, but I've decided that I'm happy where I am and that conversion isn't what I want to do. Thankfully, she's ok with that, and is actually a little relieved that she's not the reason for me converting.
  9. packersfan23

    Yea... Another Post About Cleaning

    Sweet, I have denture tablets on hand already for my retainers. That makes things easy.
  10. packersfan23

    Anyone Actually Have A Bail Out, SHTF, or Bug Out Bag?

    I've got clothes, a toothbrush with toothpaste, an extra pair of shoes, socks, a week's worth of allergy medicine, duct tape, zip ties, parachute cord, a pocket knife, a Zippo lighter and a water bottle in my car (not to mention the bag it's in). It's mainly for spending the night away from home, but in cases it's come in handy. For example, I was on the highway when a guy hit a deer. His hood flew open, and the hood and the entire front grille of his car were FUBAR. I stopped and used the parachute cord in order to tie his hood down so he could make the next exit.
  11. packersfan23

    What Breeds Hatred?

    He still killed six people, I wouldn't call it useless...I'd just call the cop's vest a technological marvel and the cop himself a BAMF for taking 9 shots point blank and living. Some wisdom from Master Yoda: Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. Looking at instances of genocide or widespread hatred or bigotry, it pretty much all follows Master Yoda's model.
  12. packersfan23

    Time For A Different Car...help!

    Hey Tyler, the chapter of Phi Mu Alpha I was a part of was in Richmond at EKU (I'm an alumni now), one county south of Lexington. There is a chapter at UK though. I live in Lex, I'm definitely down for a trip to the Prince. Also, have you checked out new Accords, Tauruses, or Camrys? They're both good on gas and decently sized, they should be able to fit someone of your stature. All the tall people I know drive cars that suck on gas, like my friend Jeff, at 6'6", who drives an old Jeep, and Slade, at 6'9", who drives a Ford truck. Keep in mind, you can get seat rail extenders for some models, making an otherwise unusable car comfortable.
  13. When you've Google searched for Nomex and Kevlar yarn so you could weave a fireproof rug.
  14. packersfan23

    What Breeds Hatred?

    I agree with Rani, ignorance and fear are the parents of hatred. My girlfriend's dad are so racist, it honestly won't surprise me if he gets shot one day for dropping the N bomb on someone or some other slur. He's ignorant, insecure, and afraid other people might actually be better than him (which doesn't take a lot of effort), so he hides behind fear and hate. I can't stand being around him because every time he sees someone of another race or ethnicity, he speaks what's on his pathetically small and closed mind. My own father is a lot like that too, but he's not racist, he's a religious supremacist (thinks that Baptists are better than any other religion and also believes he's a modern day prophet--yeah I know he's f*cking psycho). My father is also scared other people are better than him, so he hides behind his religion and uses it to make himself feel better about being an abject failure as a father and a human being. I've been all around the world--Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Tanzania, France, and Ireland. Some say that stupidity and closed-mindedness is peculiar to America, but it's really not. There were stupid people in all those countries, but they were definitely the anomalies in their respective nations, just as they are here in America.
  15. packersfan23

    Chick-Fil-A Shitstorm...

    And as an addendum, I really don't think the sanctity of marriage is a big deal. We as a nation have much bigger problems to deal with than how many people one has been married to. It's really pathetic that this anthill turned into Kilimanjaro.