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  1. Smokin' a lil' wintergreen.... delightfully refreshing. What's your favorite flavor?

  2. More on the way! Keep checking our vendor post and Facebook page for new product updates.
  3. Thanks Stuie! Great to hear. We would love for you to leave some of your reviews on our site myahookah.com for any products you use that would be SWEET! If you're a fan of MYA than MYA is a fan of you! Thanks, -MYA
  4. Hey everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome and all of the continued support! Hope to keep in contact with all of you and get to know some more people involved in the hookah culture. We would love to hear from you and will be getting more involved in discussions in the near future. Happy Hookah Smoking - MYA
  5. Halfway through the week... Come on weekend!

    1. bruceg


      Tell me about it...
  6. MYA Hookah


    Check out some pics of our best products, available online. You're going to love our new "MYA Rocks". We have 10 flavors(more coming soon) of vapor rocks that we think you will die for. Try them out and give us your feedback! If you have flavor suggestions, let us know what you would be into!