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  1. Hookah Throat ?

    Yea.... Experience really at the end bray I suppose , switching tobacco is on the cards as I've tried two those of coals.. I thought wind shields were only for smoking outdoors? Think I did the 'throat' damage in the very beginning. I m using one coal n moving it around the edge every 15.mins it so...
  2. Dia Duit From Ireland-Dublin City

    In Reality = Smoke Hookah in my shed with a beer out the back garden:-) . Fantasy = A lavish Hookah bar packed to the rafters with people all nite long....... Just thought I'd clarify that ;-) lol
  3. Hookah Throat ?

    Very New to hooka......Have a tightening feeling in my throat which is felt only on the day after smoking... I use ice in the base...I place the coals around the bowl, heat management n all that, I enjoy the experience but this damn throat feeling is worrying..... Am I doing something wrong? And I don't like the sound of equivalent to 50 cigs a pop! or should I say pipe!?!
  4. No smoke without fire..but in this case the smell is non existent......well only if u don't burn the damn carpets and the table or spill your base with 'milk' in it! ;-)
  5. Damn...Too late... Ebay from Israel.. No 'shops' over here in Ireland. Bit of a fuss last year with 'Head Shops' dealling highs.. Government clamped down on them and they all disappeared on the dead of nite before the law kicked in...Feckin Ireland for ya !
  6. Has Hookah Reached Ireland?

    you see!!! 'boomers'... 'hookers' meant to say ;-) ....
  7. Two bars in Dublin!!! And my day job is enforcement of the 'smoking ban'.... ;-) true.... Any Irish hookahs out there? Nearly typed 'boomers' out there (bloody predictive text) lol ;-)
  8. I've a projector and a large screen in my home diy bar/garage 'Moes Hookah Bar'... Sit underneath lamp and blow under a blue screen.. 'excellent'......but does anybody know of a cool video clip / download for an even cooler experience? Colours and stuff I suppose..??'??? .( The music is sorted as I consulted the music thread)
  9. The Definitive Music For Smoking Hookah Thread!

    Different, but U Can't beat Ronnie Drew in the Dubliners, especially 'Walzing Matilda.... utube it... A Classic. Let me know how ya get on.....Moe
  10. Turkish

    Nice .....
  11. New member, new to Hookah, plenty of q's.....