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  1. thejon

    Shooting In Denver...

    In Missouri, we allow concealed carry with a permit; but businesses can "opt out" of allowing that by posting a specific sign. Now, with that in mind, the penalty for carrying anyway is.....you can be asked to leave. Seriously. In my CCW class, they were referred to as "the 7 places you can't carry unless you want to". If you refuse to leave; then they can call the cops, and the cops can....tell you to leave. If you still refuse (I have no idea why at this point...), then you get arrested and can't have your weapon or your ccw for 1 year. Now, I know in Texas, for example, violating that sign is quite serious; you're arrested and charged and loose your ccw and all sorts of other "Very Bad Things". Anyone know what it's like in CO? I know I read that all the theaters this company owns post "no carry" signs, but I wonder what the penalty for violating that might be. All told, rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
  2. thejon


    Ok, couple points. There is no law anywhere, in any state, that says you cannot own a shotgun for lawful use inside your own home. A Mossburg .410 can often be had for under $200. Winchester 12 and 20 gauge for just over $200. No idea where you are in NJ, but "New Jersey Clay Shooting" google search turned up about 20 places you can go. Find a place, or an indoor range if you prefer, and ask about a general course in firearms use and safety. Many have them for next to free. Also, walk into a firearms dealer, and just ask questions. If they don't want to answer / don't seem to have time; don't let that off put you, just find a new store. There are good and bad dealers, just like in everything else. There's one store near me that I won't use, because they don't seem to have time to answer anything for me. I'll go out of my way to a different store, because that guy took 30 minutes answering one question for me, over the phone, about a gun he didn't even carry. He wasn't going to make a sale or anything, just wanted to take care of me. Now he gets 100% of my business. For me; my best protection is a combination effort. I know / am friendly with my neighbors. Just a wave and a "how are you today" is likely enough. Cookies help too Secondly, a basic alarm with monitoring. It's like $40 a month, install was free, system was maybe $150, and only that much because we had a few extra things installed. Third, I have two dogs. Neither are real big, and in all honesty they'd both just as soon help you carry the TV out if they thought there might be a belly scratch in it for them. But no one knows that when they're on the other side of the door. Those three things will prevent most of the common thieves, and will help catch any remaining dumb enough to break in. All that is moot though, if my family is home. Stuff I can replace, family I cannot. For when we're home, I have a shotgun ready and waiting. TL;DR: No reason you can't arm yourself. Just please do like bigpatvoodoodad says: practice practice practice. [quote name='gramps' timestamp='1340666455' post='550029'] Around here the very best deterrent to burglary is flying a Rebel flag. Everybody knows that there's a 100% chance of the homeowner being armed. Sometimes they even have a massive weapons cache! Might not work up in Yankee land, though. [/quote] This is actually counter-productive where I am. They'll break in BECAUSE they know you have weapons, and those are easy to sell. :/
  3. I had a similar thing happen to me (read [url="http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/46165-what-happened-to-my-sheisha/"]here[/url]). Took a few days break from it, seemed to be ok.
  4. Not sure what did it; I mixed it and I let it air out a bit. Also, it's sitting in a tupperware type container with much more volume then it's little plastic tin would allow for. All that, on top of my taking a break from the flavor for a bit. It tastes fine again. Thanks all!
  5. I do need to upgrade my hookah, no doubt about that! I didn't realize the hose wasn't washable though; that's sad! I'll have to order a new hose tomorrow to at least get me through. Where do you recommend those come from? The only place I've seen any rust at all is on the weld where the stem attaches to the heart. It's all surface only though, and I try and wire brush it away as soon as I see it. I know it's a loosing battle, and really hope I'm not missing anything inside the heart. I mixed that sheisha a bit yesterday and left it in a larger container. Even just doing that seemed to tame the smell some, so I bet it was just my lack of mixing that did it. I'm going to leave it alone for another day or so and give it another shot. In the mean time, I've found 80/20 vanilla/cappuccino is pretty tasty too! Thanks everyone!
  6. thejon

    'ello From Stl

    I have done natural coals also, but found they generally don't last me nearly as long as I'd like, and I don't typically have an easy way to light a new one (stove top, but still takes a while). Maybe I need to look into that further
  7. thejon

    'ello From Stl

    Greetings all! I must admit, I sinned. I asked for help without introducing myself. But I'm here now to fix that! I'm Jon. I'm from St. Louis. I have a tiny cheap hookah that I intend to replace just as soon as I have the money for it, but it's served me well for about 6 months now. I tend to favor lighter flavors, and sweet fruits. I smoke inside, and will never buy any quicklight that's not 3 kings ever again. I just learned about splitting the coals, will be trying that tonight. My good friend has a work associate who brings him back sheisha every time she goes to Jordan. She brings all different kinds, and we have no idea what any of it is (none of us read Arabic). I'm in a dire search for what we called the "fruit loops flavor". The smoke was the exact flavor of fruit loops, sugar and all. Best smoke I've ever had. That's it! Hello everyone!
  8. I absolutely haven't been mixing it I didn't even know that was a consideration. I guess I'll try putting it into some other dish and mixing well, maybe leave it out for a bit too. I've read somewhere the stems hold quite a bit of the more 'pungent' flavor. Any truth to that? Maybe I'll pull out any I find. Thanks!
  9. Greetings all! I've been smoking AF watermelon, both mixed and on it's own, for a couple of months now. I'm about 1/3 of the way into my 3rd 200g tub, and all of a sudden I can't stand the taste anymore. I thought at first it was a problem with the hookah itself, so I took it totally apart and washed the heck out of it. Scrubbed the base, all the stem works, the bowl, even ran water through the hose a bunch. Everything squeaky clean, I re-packed, exact same issue. The taste was a really heavy...not really sure how to describe it. My gf didn't seem to notice at all, but I had to toss the bowl and start fresh with something else. Now, I seem to be having a hard time finding something else I like. I want to go back to my watermelon, but even the smell turns me off. Anyone else had something like this happen? Did I hit a bad 'spot' or something?