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  1. Mya Mozza, Or Hobo Nargile?

    I'm mostly looking for something that breaks down really small, which both do, I've been carrying around my sheecool with a dime store vase, since I bought it cheap and it's reasonably sized
  2. I got to the point I was doing it right every time...then I started smoking tangiers. I've smoked an entire 250g wrong on my second and still haven't gotten it right
  3. Sorry if this has been covered, nothing came up in search. Here it is! The battle of the Porta-hookah! I have heard about them both and seen them reviewed and want my next hookah to be an inexpensive travel hookah for the social smoker on the move. These two leaders of their niche haven't, to my knowledge, been compared head to head, gloves off, no holds barred against one another and I'm totally curious! So if you've used either, both, or neither let me know your thoughts!
  4. The Peace Pipe

    I might be reviving an old thread, buuuuuut! when I called, they told me they only offer starbuzz. I have had the pleasure of going to this place, and I enjoyed it a lot. Protip: it's BYOB and $10 hookahs on thursdays (old info but still might be valid, didn't think to ask when I called). As far as tobacco variety, they are a little lacking (only offering starbuzz) BUT, they will allow you to bring your own stuff, shisha/bowls/ whatever and work out a price for you, which I like.
  5. Texas Tx Smokers

    I'm in big D, and spend most of my time there, every now and then I hang out in little D or surrounding area. I'm always down to smoke with anyone for any reason ever.
  6. What's up hookah homies, my name is Ian and I just started smoking hookah, my current stache includes al fahker, tangiers, starbuzz, and social smoke, brands I've tried also include nahkla, layalina, hookafina, fumari, and a few others I can't recall. I like long walks on the beach and shooting around time and space in my flying blue police box causing problems and then solving them. I like the phunnel bowl, but am also close to my vortex bowl which in my time lurking I've noticed is a little hated around here, but hey! what could you possibly be doing right, if you didn't piss a few people off along the way? My hobbies include fire spinning, light spinning, sock spinning, spinning wheels and of course giving political statements a positive spin. This has been me wasting your time, Seacrest out!