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  1. Hookah Smokers With Asthma

    I have bad asthma and cant smoke ciggarettes or cigars, but I can smoke hookah like a champ
  2. Pick Your Top 2 Shisha Brands!

    Starbuzz and Al Falkher
  3. Can you fit a hose cover on a nammor hose? The reason im asking is because of the sweatband looking pieces on both the handle and the end of the hose.
  4. Views On Dubstep?

    Most of it sounds the same to me
  5. Hello Guys !

    Nice to meet u fellow hookah lover!
  6. just smoking and out of no where i learned to blow rings! Me Gusta

  7. 4Th Of July Sales

    I wouldnt know about sales but go to hookak-shisha.com they have a clearence section for shisha. There is nothing wrong with the shisha itself it is cheap due to packaging defects. However the stuff is always low in stock and sells fast so you will have to do some searching through brands and flavors to see what isnt sold out. But most clearence shisha is up to half off from the original price.
  8. Attention Shisha Bargain Hunters!

    I would go to hookah-shisha.com and go to the clearance section. The tobbacco in this section is still good its just super cheap cause of packaging defects. However the clearence stuff is always low in stock and sells fast so you will have to do abit of searching through brand names and flavors to see what isn't sold out
  9. Attention: Newbs/lurkers

    Even though I have only been smoking for a short time (two months) it doesn't take long to learn its way better smoking with good friends then alone
  10. Light Bulb Murder

    Freddiew on youtube is absolutely amazing ive seen all his vids
  11. Ohio Smokers Oh

    Ashland ohio pretty much in the middle of ohio
  12. Sex Or Hookah?

    Both of course lol
  13. How Much Do You Guys Smoke?

    For me its usually everyday or everyother day if im low on shisha or coals
  14. Hi, There!

    Hi Im from the United States and am pretty new here as well, I have been doing quite a bit of research and if i come across anything about popularity in italy and spain ill gladly send you a private message with the link.
  15. Relaxing after work about to go to bed.