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  1. Smoking Hookah In Sao Paulo

    Hi my name is carlos and im a hookah fanatic from spain. Since i came to sao paulo it has cost me a lot to find a place to smoke sisha. The only one i,ve found its tabaqueria davidoff in rua normadia 86( moema). If you go to rio there are several arab restaurants in avenida atlantica where you can eat and smoke sisha on their outside terrace. Anyway looking forward to know more places around here so please brasilian hookah fanatics help me with it Bst regards carlos
  2. Hey!

    Hi isabela im an soanish hookah fanatic working in sao paulo. Do you live here? Where do you normally go to smoke? Hope to see u and smoke with you soon. Beijos carlos
  3. Hooka Lounge In Sao Paulo

    Hi im an also a hookah fanatic from spain working in sao paulo. The only place i,ve found is rua normandia 86 tabaqueria davidoff. Its in moema. Still looking for new pleaces to smoke here. Does anyone know any other place? Regards carlos