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  1. SundayFundaysTV

    Greetings, All!

    As Pavo said I'm ready for new flavors as well, can't wait to see what you have created!
  2. After reading the topic, and being in a very humid climate in the summer when it gets hot here in Chicago, it's a dew point issue. I've noticed with some of my nak berry flavors such as raspberry and blueberry I've had the same problem, I also keep my shisha in my basement with a dehumidifer, but even with that running once it gets very nasty outside, I think the water content of a dew point over 70 is what starts to effect it. I know there was one day earlier in the summer here where the dew point was at 78 before we got hit with a huge storm, and my mizo blueberry tasted horrible, I really didnt want to say humidity in this because it's humid here almost all the time except for the winter but the dew point right before it starts to storm is I think what does it with multiple weather changes during a day.
  3. SundayFundaysTV

    Stanley Cup Playoffs 2013

    Blackhawks all the way!
  4. SundayFundaysTV

    Need Hose Help

    If I ever have problems with hoses I also use the wet paper towel method, works great!
  5. SundayFundaysTV

    Hey Guys! I Am Kyle (:

    Welcome to the forum!
  6. SundayFundaysTV

    Welcome February's Guest Mod!

    Hell yeah Luka! Congrats buddy!
  7. SundayFundaysTV

    Hockey Is Back!

    Gotta love the Blackhawks 4-0 start!
  8. SundayFundaysTV

    My Nakhla Isn't Tasting Right

    Yeah I would say it might be just a bad batch then.
  9. SundayFundaysTV

    My Nakhla Isn't Tasting Right

    Yeah thats a bummer, I would let it maybe sit out also and give that a try. It also can be changing taste buds, there are some shishas I used to love and then it stopped tasting so great to me, when I would ask others I smoke with if they notice, they would tell me it still tastes the same to them, so that could be the case.
  10. SundayFundaysTV

    My Nakhla Isn't Tasting Right

    I think you might have just had a bad box of it. I have never had a problem with it and I've probably gone through over 20 250s of it at my house since it's been released. I would buy 1 more box of it and see if you have the same issue just to make sure.
  11. SundayFundaysTV

    Chicago Trip To Visit Nick (Sundayfundaystv)

    Yeah man it was a great trip glad you made it here! Pretty excited for future trips! Chris, I set up hidden cameras of the copious amounts of sex maybe I'll upload that in the review section. haha
  12. SundayFundaysTV

    Espn Fantasy Hockey League

    Hey all, Wade and I have been working on setting up a fantasy hockey league, due to the lockout we haven't been able to start this up until now. Some don't want to play anymore so we have some open spots. If you are interested let us know on here, Wade is the creator for it so let him know so he can add you to it! The draft is this Friday night so it's pretty last second.
  13. SundayFundaysTV

    Hockey Is Back!

    Oh I will! Btw, do we stiill have enough people for our draft and league this week? If not lets see if anyone on here would be interested!
  14. SundayFundaysTV


    That pipe is amazing! LOL