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  1. Sorry for being a stranger lol! Very busy lately..

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      we're all a little strange around here anyways...
    2. Epoch


      Good to see you around!
  2. brookesaywhatx


    Sorry for the late response.. In all honesty I'd prefer to not have a gun lol. Call me silly, or whatever. I've never touched one in my life and I'm scared to death of them. Especially after the horrible massacre in CO. I know thats pretty rare something like that happens, but still. I'll be staying away from any firearms lol. I guess I forgot to post when it happened. My mom is an avid gardener, stays outside doing it from the morning til it gets dark. She has tupperwares filled with soil on the side of the house, along with other gardening tools and such in front of a door we never use that leads to the kitchen. The other day she went to go grab something and noticed one of the tupperware things was pushed up against the door, and had muddy shoe prints all over it. It was also crushed, pretty much looked like someone was standing on it looking into the window on the door. Theres a motion light right next to the door that (obviously) goes on whenever someone walks by it. That was also broken, someone smashed the glass around it and unscrewed the lightbulb. As if I wasn't scared enough, this was enough for me lol. We called the police and they came and looked in it and wrote up a report and left. Haven't seen any drive by since I do keep a hunting knife next to my bed, but guns are just out of the question. Especially now because I can barely use the right side of my body. Its just me and my mom that live together and I certainly can't see her shooting a gun either; she screamed like she was getting mugged when she got her nose pierced lol. Thanks for all the responses guys. I appreciate the help
  3. brookesaywhatx

    I'm Still Alive!

    Hey everyone!! Thanks for all the messages and whatnot. Yes I am still alive! Lol. As most of you know I got in a bad accident. It was pouring, was driving on a 2 way road. Guy on the other side lost control, swerved and hit me head on. A broken collarbone, moderate concussion and 2 cracked ribs later and here I am. my cars completely totaled though lol. just wanted to update everyone. No smOking hookah for a while, hurts to even breathe but I'm just lucky to be here.
  4. brookesaywhatx

    Need Some Cleaning Tips!

    [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1340334400' post='549791'] dont wash the hose unless you have to and i suggest cold water. Hot water may dissolve the glue holding the plastic lining around the coiuls in a mya. NOTE washable does NOT mean rust free. A Mya hose will rust. The more you wash it, the faster it will rust. [/quote] I don't have a mya hose. I have a nogoom. I washed my whole hookah out with warm water and lemon juice the other day. It seems like every flavor I smoke ghosts though lol
  5. brookesaywhatx

    Doing Something Wrong

    I kinda had the same problem, with everything tasting burnt. People told me it didn't matter if the foil touched the tobacco but I found for me it does.. if the coal is sitting on top of it, it tends to burn it imo. Like others have said, try 2 halves or even one and work the heat from there.
  6. Too hot outtt

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      that's gross, aaron. and pretty funny.
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      Lol, ass juice hot! It was AWESOME weather here in NYC most of the week, which is what we were hoping for, but last few days have been hella hot, in the 90s. Thank god we did most of our walking earlier in the week! Tomorrow we'll be back in good ol' TN, where hot and humid is guaranteed. :/
    4. brookesaywhatx


      Glad you enjoyed it!! Haha yeah its been ridiculously hot here I'm so sunburnt
  7. brookesaywhatx

    Beard Appreciation Thread.

    [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1340245246' post='549716'] [img]http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lt97fifExa1qbozfdo1_500.png[/img] [/quote] LOL
  8. brookesaywhatx

    Got My Hookah!

    So I got my order in the mail today I want to smoke tangiers but of course today its gonna be 100 degrees and its ridiculously humid... will that effect how it smokes?
  9. brookesaywhatx


    I wasn't saying I can't shoot a gun... I was saying I've never shot one before and wouldn't even know how.. [quote name='Ed Molt' timestamp='1340156790' post='549609'] Forget mace, I have a couple of friends on the police force in town. The best thing the say to use is wasp spray. The cans are made to shoot the spray 25 feet, and it will blind the intruder and hurt like hell. Your 1st priority is self defense. I keep a Browning hi power in my night stand. 2 loaded mags, one is 10 round and the other 13 round. I am NRA trained shooting instructor for the Boy Scouts of America. I hit what I aim at. Also my Father was awarded Marksman medals for 20 years in the Air Force and he taught me to shoot. If you are going to arm yourself you need to be trained. Take the Concealed Carry training if your in a state that allows it. You need to be able to control your emotions if you decide to use deadly force. It is a heavy burden if you take a life, even if it is self defense. Make sure your house is secure and Pay for security system if you can afford it. Also there are systems that use balls that have pepper power in them. Dog the Bounty Hunter uses them. Here's a link to their site. [url="http://www.pepperball.com/"]http://www.pepperball.com/[/url] If you have ever played paintball you can shoot one of these. Be safe. edm [/quote] Thanks, this was helpful.
  10. brookesaywhatx


    Lol you guys are all forgetting I'm an 18 year old girl! I can't just run up on a burglar with a gun lmao
  11. I'm not a huge fan of starbuzz.. For me it's leaky and just doesn't taste good. Coco naras take a while for me too, what I found helps is that when they're almost done with a black circle on top, you can blow on them kinda like quick lights and it helps the top light faster.
  12. brookesaywhatx

    Need Some Cleaning Tips!

    I don't have a brush but I could pick one up thanks for the advice everyone!
  13. brookesaywhatx

    Need Some Cleaning Tips!

    Its a nogoom hose, let me find a link..... http://5starhookah.com/Nogoom-Pink-Hose-NPHO.htm It is washable, and the mouthpiece comes off so i could clean it lol
  14. brookesaywhatx


    I can't move out of the area. Not enough $ for that lol. Like I said its usually a great area...but all of a sudden these chain robberies are happening. The police think its one person in charge directing other people where to go since there all so close together in time and place