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  1. ShishaMisha

    X-Hale Hookah Lounge

    Aria Lounge down the street is way better than X-Hale.
  2. ShishaMisha

    Aria Lounge

    I highly recommend this lounge. They have 4 different locations. The price is very fair, and there is no charge for refills of anything. And the staff is very chill and friendly. Just make sure to make a reservation ahead of time on weekends and holidays cuz they fill up quick around 10pm.
  3. ShishaMisha

    Al Fakher Tobacco

    wow that sucks. its only like $10 by my place in Chicago. go on southsmoke.com, its only like $13 plus shipping.
  4. Recently I bought a 13inch tall hookah set up and the supply brands of Al Fakher Premium Strawberry Tobacco and Three Kings 40mm Charcoals. Now the issue is that every time that I had smoked it, it had tasted more like charcoal and none of the flavored tobacco itself. Now is the issue because of how I'm setting it up or is it the brands I'm using? So far my habits for setting it up have been putting ice in the base, putting the stem an inch under water, putting the tobacco into the bowl up until there is about a centimeter of space between the Tobacco top layer and the top of the bowl, and I pook 9 small into the tin foil on top of the bowl. After every use of the hookah, I clean every part of the hookah with dish soap and warm water and a scrubber. Please Help.
  5. ShishaMisha

    My Hookah Collection

    My hookah stuff :)