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  1. chaldo

    How To Make A Fruit Head

    Also guys remember how I mentioned you can use tooth picks to kind of cover the whole inside the fruit to make it so most of the tobacco doesn't fall. I have used pipe screens and they are the best thing so far I have ever used on fruit heads they look like this [IMG]http://www.materialexport.com/pipescreen/ss1_400.jpg[/IMG]
  2. A very nice hookah lounge in Michigan they serve all starbuzz and some al fakher, they use sheecool hookahs so your smoke is always cool, they make regular heads, orange heads, grape fruit heads, watermellon and pinnaple heads. Very nice inside with couches and tv's everywhere. Also they built a new outside patio its really nice for summer time smoking outside. [url="http://www.puffhookahlounge.com/"]http://www.puffhookahlounge.com/[/url] Check it out.
  3. chaldo

    How To Make A Fruit Head

    [quote name='kagy' timestamp='1340037085' post='549489'] That sounds really fun. Going to try this. [/quote] let me know how it works.
  4. chaldo

    How To Make A Fruit Head

    I will try to next time I make a fruit head.
  5. chaldo


    [quote name='gramps' timestamp='1338492028' post='548367'] We really, really needed another Chris. [/quote] I Don't know what that means, betting its sarcasic but ok. haha
  6. chaldo


    hey im Chris from West Bloomfield/ Detroit (Metro Detroit) area, I ran across this forum on google and signed up to check it out. Nice to meet you all, and I hope I can learn a lot more than I already think I know about hookah (haha)
  7. Hey everyone, im new to this forum, and I know someone probably already mentioned this but oh well, I am sorry I do not have really that much pictures yet but I will try to explain this as easy as possible. I love smoking hookah with fruit heads, my favorite Orange and Grape Fruits [url="http://www.youtube.com/embed/JtUqz4hqn6Y"][img]http://i45.tinypic.com/27xlcog.jpg[/img][/url] in this senario I am using a grape fruit. 1. First you take the orange, or grape fruit and cut the top not so much where you take out the whole thing half way, just like 1/4 of the fruit and cut inside so u make room to fit the tobacco. 2. After you make that room, take the stem of your hookah and from the bottom of the fruit in the middle poke it and make a hole through the middle of the fruit. 3. Take something like a pipe screen which I love using, and put it inside the fruit head where the hole is so the tobacco does not fall. If you do not have something like that, tooth picks work too, all you do is lay around 2/3 diagonally in the middle (there will still be some space for the air of course and maybe a little bit of tobacco to fall but if you do it right you shouldn't have a problem) as soon as something is there to cover the hole so tobacco just doesnt fall out at that point you pack the tobacco almost all the way to the top. 4. cut some tin foil out, and put it on the fruit head, use tooth picks all around just like in the picture I posted to hold the foil on the fruit. 5. of course make your holes on the head, I love using thumb tacks I think they do the best job, or a tooth pic of course. 6 take the rubber part that goes on the bottom of the head and try to make the hole bigger at the bottom to fit the rubber piece (sometimes u have to force it in there, but it will work out just fine) .. if you really cant fit it in their, just put the head on without it (i have before when I didnt have the rubber piece it smokes fine, but I personally think the rubber piece helps it out. 7. Put the fruit head on the hookah, light up 2 coals try to put them right next to each other when you smoke, not ontop. Normally putting them right next to eachother works out the best. 8. Have fun and enjoy. Leave me any comments bellow, ill try to post pictures and I would love to hear peoples experience. Thanks again.