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  1. Shiazo

    Decision To Make!

    [attachment=5985:ImageUploadedByTapatalk1350108372.391417.jpg] We recommend trying a Nargilem Sidestorm bowl.
  2. Shiazo

    Decision To Make!

    HoneyDew Melon! Can't go wrong.
  3. Shiazo

    Shiazo Stones - Harsh?

    Like I have previously said, any excess juice added to the bowl is simply overkill and will certain cause an uncomfortable harshness. By adding excess juice, you are attempting to boil it instead of steaming it out of the pores of the mineral.
  4. Shiazo

    Shiazo Stones - Harsh?

    We have found that Carbopol Ring Charcoal is the best charcoal to use for Shiazo. It is virtually tasteless, has the lowest percentage of carbon monoxide emissions, and burns at the perfect constant temperature.
  5. Shiazo Eucalyptus Mint is made with real Mollen Leaf, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E. These among other natural herbal ingredients make for a refreshing and soothingly smooth smoke.
  6. Shiazo

    Shiazo Stones - Harsh?

    As coyote has said, there is no need to have excess juice in the bowl. That would most definitely cause an uncomfortable harshness. If this is not the case then your issue is probably the type of coal and/or the amount of coals you are using.
  7. Shiazo

    Help With Shiazo Steam Stones!

    Definitely stop by when you move out here! We're about 30 minutes east of UCLA.
  8. Deeeep inhale. Massive clouds and best taste.
  9. Hello HookahForum members, We are the US distributors for Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones and are located in Chino, California (borderline Los Angeles and Orange County). We would like to be more active on the forums and answer any questions you may have pertaining to Shiazo and offer any other knowledge we have about hookah in general. I've been in the hookah industry since 2004 and have owned 3 different lounges in Whittier and Hacienda Heights. Throughout the years we've served everything from Layalina, Starbuzz, Al Fakher, Haze, Nakhla, Shiazo and Tangiers and from wood coals to coconut coal. Currently at Empire Hookah, our lounge in Hacienda Heights, we serve Shiazo, Haze and Tangiers and use coconut coals with all KM hookahs. While Shiazo is the main product we distribute, I hope to be able to offer insight on hookah use in general. I'm also looking to learn more and stay updated on the hookah scene. I feel the forums are able to offer this best. I look forward to discussions with all of you and please feel free to PM me about anything. - Robb
  10. Shiazo

    Help With Shiazo Steam Stones!

    Hey guys. Stumbled on this post and thought I could add some clarification... Shiazo should never get harsh enough to be compared to a cigarette, usually you can't even tell you're inhaling it until you realize the cloud when exhaling. I would say the issue is too many coals. Try standing them upright or using less coal. This also depends on the bowl size and coal being used. Adding excess juice to an already packed bowl does actually hinder rather than extend the life of the bowl. The whole concept behind the "steam stone" is that the flavored glycerine is absorbed inside the mineral and then released once heat is applied. If you come across any of the fake steam stone brands you'll notice that the rock used is white and it is saturated in colored juice. Looks pretty, but the functionality is all wrong. Because Shiazo is a true steam stone, it can be used out of ANY bowl, including standard egyptians. Try the fakes out of a standard egyptian and you'll have flavored, colored water in your base - but no steam generation. We've found that the Tangiers small phunnel bowl works very well with Shiazo, but like you said, the bigger the bowl, the longer the session. The x-large bowl is an AMAZING bowl to use Shiazo out of. Also, after you've finished steaming and the stones turn white, you can throw them back into the jar once cooled and they will soak up any excess glycerine there is left. Give it a good shake and let it sit for a couple minutes and you're ready to reuse. Pavo21 - In response to your comment about a pointless smoke, you're partially right. What I've realized is that some people smoke for a buzz, some smoke for the social aspect and others smoke for both reasons. At our lounge in California, Shiazo has become really popular for people especially looking for the social aspect, as it is easy to smoke and provides great flavor. We currently serve Shiazo, Haze and Tangiers - Which I feel is like an easy, medium and expert option. So if you're an avid Tangiers smoker and looking for a Noir type buzz, Shiazo isn't going to do it for you - as there is no nicotine. But many of our customers who come in to lounge and socialize, with something easy to puff on, always choose Shiazo. Anyone feel free to PM me with any and all questions, comments or concerns. Also if you're in the Los Angeles area, stop by our lounge and I'll be happy to set you up with a free sample bowl of Shiazo to try out (just mention HookahForum). -Robb