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  1. Gaara


    [color="#48d1cc"][b][u][size="4"]Al Fakher Gum[/size][/u][/b][/color] [b]Appearance:[/b] Wet and cut well. [b]Coals:[/b] 1 3 King QL coal (the usual) [b]Smell:[/b] smells like spearmint. [b]Taste:[/b] Awesome flavor and tasted exactly like a minty gum. Smelling it, you would think it's only mint but once you smoke it you can taste the gum flavor. [b]Buzz:[/b] none like AF usually is. [b]Overall:[/b] The smell was wonderful and it produced HUGE clouds and unlike a lot of AF flavors, the flavor actually lasted throughout. One of favorite flavors and always make sure to keep it stocked. Must try! (btw...don't confuse this with AF Bubblegum; this one is much better and comes in a blue, not pink box). 9.5/10.
  2. Anyone tried [b]both[/b]? I LOVE Al Fakher's Gum (not Bubblegum): [img]http://img816.imageshack.us/img816/8421/alfakhergumflavour.jpg[/img] Anyways, I was wondering how Nakhla's Mizo Gum compares? Is it stronger? Weaker? Which one is better. Thanks.
  3. Gaara

    Hookah Car Console Help

    [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' date='20 March 2010 - 05:23 AM' timestamp='1269080587' post='458394'] Hm... You're gonna have fun with the pigs if you get pulled over... Why people put hookahs in their cars is beyond me... [/quote] If it's one person, it's kind of idiotic doing it while you're driving unless it's like a Leila or similar Hookah. However, if you have others in the car it's no biggie as the passenger can hold on to it firmly. I take 2+ hour road trips every other weekend visiting friends from other college's and me and my friends always smoke my QT without no trouble. Just have a large foil around the tray or a wind cover that locks and it's pretty much guaranteed not to fall on the ground. It's no different than smoking a ciggy. Been stopped by cops a few times over the years but all of them let us go without any trouble once they saw what it was (I live in MD). It's completely legal so don't know why people are so paranoid about cops. I'd never do it if I was the only person in the car though.Can't drive and manage at the same time, it's stupid and distracting.
  4. Gaara

    Maryland Smokers Md

    Silver Spring, MD.
  5. Great choices in the Nammor & After Nine. The Orange Cream greatly disappointed me after the reviews I read and wouldn't rate it higher than a 7 out of 10. What's the other flavor?
  6. Gaara


    Welcome. Another Aussie.
  7. QUOTE (Johnny_D @ Nov 26 2007, 03:57 PM) How long is a piece of string? I can get nahkla smoking so that it can hide my face. It's gotta be 80% setup and how you get things going. But for 'ease' i would suggest the wetter brands - Tangiers, layalina, fumari, starbuzz ect ect. JD +1! I can thick smoke with the likes of AF and Layalina but I can even get a thicker smoke with Naklha sometimes. It's all about how you set it up depending on each brand.
  8. Gaara

    Need A Huge Ashtray!

    or a small mat, or a metal covering, or a box......
  9. Gaara

    Hookah Party.

    Hookah with friends is always fun. Nice Arsenal jersey.
  10. Gaara

    New Here

    Welcome man! You goto UMD as well?
  11. Gaara

    Im Back

    Welcome back. Always nice to have more activity in the forums.
  12. Gaara

    Bad Af Esk Apple?

    Just bought it from a local store two days ago and still tastes and smells like the flavor I love.
  13. Anyone tried this brand? They just stocked a lot of this with a variety of flavors at 250grams for $12 in my local store. Wondering if anyone had any experience with this Shisha before I spend my money.