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  1. 11 bucks for something that will last you 2 days
  2. Forum Suggestions?

    [quote name='Travis' timestamp='1351453252' post='559469'] Strippers [/quote] and free drinks
  3. Forum Suggestions?

    have the tinychat link open in a new tab
  4. Question About Caravan Hose

    i agree that you should not have to fix a brand new product ..but if you realllly want to smoke this weekend .. hot glue is an option
  5. Question About Caravan Hose

    hightemp hotglue should fix it
  6. Why Do I Have 2 Ages On My Profile

    lol time has not been well to you my friend XD
  7. Why Do I Have 2 Ages On My Profile

    lol thanks for explaining and fixing that =]
  8. Why Do I Have 2 Ages On My Profile

    thats not what im asking .. there are 2 ages on my profile .. i understand w=that it wont update like it should buut somehow my correct age showed up on top of the not updated age lol
  9. i went to view my profile and noticed 2 ages Group Vested Members Active Posts 147 Profile Views 50 Member Title Emir - Of the Emerald Argileh Age 21 years old Birthday June 22, 1991 Gender Male Male Location waterloo iowa Age 20 whatsup with that
  10. The "gears Of Hookah" Project

    if you have the stuff you should just put a ton of gears on the shaft
  11. lol counterfeit coals what is this world coming to
  12. not even gonna strain my eyes for that color
  13. lol ive never had that happen lmao
  14. Smoking Stones

    loll funny shit