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  1. tammydavis

    Few Q's About Hookah

    well i think if you are under age you should not be smoking any kind of things and if you go to a smoke shop around here it has on the doors must be 18 to come in the store and if you dont look 18 they card you right at the door
  2. tammydavis

    Anyone Use Hookah-Mart?

    no problem did not know
  3. tammydavis

    Anyone Use Hookah-Mart?

    so these prices are good on the bowls Removed link
  4. I love Star buzz products that i have tried so far cherry cappociuno pineapple and orange
  5. sitting around smoking some peanut butter

  6. sitting around smoking some peanutbutter

  7. tammydavis


    in my gallery
  8. For some reason it will not allow me to upload pictures of my hookahs it saying an error has occurred so i just changed my profile picture is it that i am doing something wrong
  9. tammydavis

    New To The Whole Hookah Thing

    thank everyone
  10. I use ice sometimes with mine and sometimes i dont but i keep my [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]tobacco in the fridge and just pull it out as i fill a bowl then back in fridge i use 33mm charcoal[/font][/color]
  11. tammydavis

    Chrome Site Issues

    I been using rockmelt for mine and it works fine i don't like chrome
  12. tammydavis

    New To The Whole Hookah Thing

  13. I am new to the whole hookah thing and want to learn alot more than i know now. Live in Florida
  14. tammydavis

    Want To See What People Like

    Any flavors you can suggest to me
  15. What flavors and brands do you like[i] I[/i] have tried Soex and that brand I do not like at all I have also tried Evolution only the Peanut butter one and I fell in love with that flavor when i smelled it I have alstried starbuzz, social smoke and beamer flavors i have tried and liked are Tripple Grape, Pineapple Orange Cappuccino and Pina Colada and have mixed pineapple and orange together.