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  1. Had some medical bills come up within the family. Looking to sell only.     Looking to sell my SC, It's practically brand new from Texas Hookah a few years ago. Looking at $40-50 willing negotiate.Egy just for comparision.         OG Tri stem $85           Pay pal Only. Thanks
  2. stia

    Wts Large Sc / Km Og Tri

    all of this is sold. please close.
  3. stia

    Sex Or Hookah?

         This Forum likes you too :-P       But seriously if i can find a lady that likes both sex and hookah at the same time i'd die a happy man!  I think I saw this on Seinfeld.. 
  4. stia

    Chreees's Collection Thread

    The setup is banging. Especially that vase.
  5. I love mine. Some people plop 3 coals in there but I feel like it kills the bowl pretty fast. Put two flat coconut coals in it, with the lid on and let it warm up.   Probably about 4 minutes in its power ripping.   I usually smoke it with tang with my alien.
  6. stia

    Wts Large Sc / Km Og Tri

    SC sold, OG Tri now at $70 shipped
  7. stia

    Wts Large Sc / Km Og Tri

    I understand. Shoot an offer for the stem, who knows it might stick.
  8. stia

    My Chicago Comic Con Pics

    Sweet pics man.. always thought of going to a con but haven't yet. As a big wrestling nerd (punk, dbryan etc) I really enjoyed the wrestling pics.
  9. I smoke everyday with my girlfriend and she prefers lucid so this is a bummer. Pretty glad I have some unopened Lucid Indian Summer right now :) Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using Tapatalk
  10. stia

    Video Games You Play While Smoking?

    Been hooked on cs:go lately. Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using Tapatalk
  11. Gorgeous, where did you pick this up at?
  12. stia

    What Was It.

    shitty chinese
  13. stia

    Wtb Trimetal Or Brass Pipe

    I have a OG Tri that I was considering on trading/selling. pm me.
  14. stia

    New Studies Show That I Like Naps.

    You can't nap because you don't have two kids? Wut? Sounds like a Lord of the Flies situation.
  15. stia

    I Can't Believe This Exists..

    merrrrica. haha.
  16. stia

    Selling A Km (Testing Waters)

    This is worth the price. glws
  17. stia

    Wtb - Smedium/ 30G Phunnel

    I have two smediums, 2012 small and a 2011 small. hit me up man.
  18.  I like pretty strong stuff but maybe my batch was really strong.. reminded me of cough medicene.
  19. stia

    My Hookahs

     Nah, I just really dig yours.. heh. Probably the only rig I still want to get.     you got one?
  20. the only one I've had a problem with is ice raspberry.. shit was seriously brutal.
  21. stia

    My Hookahs

    hollow staff... swooooon.
  22. stia


    http://www.craigslistjoe.com/   It's on Netflix too.
  23. stia

    Wtb - Tangiers Super Chief

    I have a mini sc and a large sc.
  24. stia

    Colorado Smokers Co

    Lakehood.. heh.