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  1. dave_fmx

    Semir's Super Sale

    Syrian vases still available?  I'll take em.
  2. dave_fmx

    Canadian Smokers

  3. dave_fmx

    Wtt: Tangiers Etc.

    Ok so I just finished a couple heated games of Settlers of Catan. All the back and forth trading for brick/wood and wheat/ore has kinda put me in the trading mood, know what I mean? So here's what I have to offer: Tangiers Orange Soda 150g Tangiers Blue Bubblegum 100g Tangiers Static Starlight 75g Tangiers Koke 50g Tangiers Horchata 60g Tangiers Purple Candy 125g Golden Layalina Key Lime 200g Nakhla Mizo Peach 200g And here's what I'm looking for: Tangiers Blue Flower Tangiers Mar. Cherry Tangiers Cane Mint Tangiers Welsh Cream Tangiers Schnozzberry Tangiers Peach Ice Tea Tangiers Green Apple Candy Tangiers New Lime Romman Summer Crisp Romman Cinnamon Romman Vanilla Fumari Mango KM windcovers/trays I'm also open to other Tangiers flavours, but the ones listed above are definitely my first preference. Tangiers for the win-win!
  4. dave_fmx

    Wtt Tangiers Lucid "new Lime" In Toronto

    Still available? I live in Toronto and have tangiers I can trade, lots of noir and birquq
  5. dave_fmx

    Fs/ft: Tangiers, Dokha

  6. dave_fmx

    Fs/ft: Tangiers, Dokha

    Hey all, I have a few good flavors sitting around that could be put to better use. If interested PM me. [b]Tangiers Pico Bowl[/b] - Turquoise Top/White Bottom $15 [b]Tangiers Birquq:[/b] Little Purple Candy 180g [b]Medwakh Dokha:[/b] Strawberry Blend - Unopened Bassem's Blend - 90% Watermelon Spearmin - 95% I live in Toronto and can ship to Canada or USA.
  7. dave_fmx

    Judy Oma

    Bought some Horchata and Cocoa from Judy. I can definitely recommend her as an excellent member here to trade with. Thanks Judy
  8. dave_fmx


    Acquired some Tang flavors from Chris. Excellent communication, couldn't ask for a smoother deal. Thanks Chris.
  9. Ya I missed out on the 7ico when they were released. But I just purchased a small tangiers and after talking to Santino I'll be picking up a CC V3 soon too. Mod can move this to completed now thanks guys
  10. *Also interested in a tall golden wind cover, that's assuming I find a Tangiers phunnel to use it with.
  11. Hey all, I'm hookah fan starting up the hobby from a long hiatus. I was hoping I could find some help here in the community with sourcing the perfect bowl for my shiny new Syrian brass, which I purchased recently from Mark at Kasbah Bazaar (whom I highly recommend doing business with). It would make me one very thankful hookaholic if I could find a tangiers small, mini, or pico that matched my setup. I'd also be interested in a Crown Classic V3 if one's floating around out there (they're sold out on the Crown website unfortunately). Matching colors would include anything from turquoise, light blues, white, reds, browns, or any combination thereof. If there's something out there with my name on it, I'd be glad to know 'bout it.
  12. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1334780877' post='545320'] Wow, where the hell did you find those pics?? Did you snap them in person or snag them off the net? These additional pics of the all-brass Turk have blown my mind... [/quote] Hey Chris I found them while snooping on some websites in France. It would been nice to see it in person, cuz I wouldn't have left until the owner let me have a sample from it
  13. Here's closer pictures of the all brass plus a custom made brass/ceramic casting which is a novelty. [IMG]http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/2239/allbrasselmashookah.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/6067/elmashookahallbrass.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/7006/brassceramiccastingelma.jpg[/IMG]
  14. Hmm I'll agree that the all-brass Elmas is a little on the outlandish side of things. I think my attraction towards it stems from my childhood dream of becoming a treasure hunter . Picture this, a person who has no past experience regarding hookahs is sifting for antiques in an old attic, and manages to find a velvet sleeve with that all brass Elmas dazzling inside. Ok my imagination is running away on me.. The yurdan website has one that looks almost identical, but I'm gonna wait a couple months till I break in the syrian first. I didn't expect to have the option to buy both at the same time.