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  1. fuckthatvincekid

    New To Hookah. Have A Few Questions.

    I've heard that passed around as a rumor as well, but I have yet to see any actual studies on the subject. I'll snoop around but I'm doubtful I'll find anything.
  2. fuckthatvincekid

    Inhale Hookah?

    I just don't see how these companies can have any pride in the product they make haha.. but thanks for the story!
  3. fuckthatvincekid

    Inhale Hookah?

    To be honest, I don't like it. It's made by a company with a plethora of cheaply made Chinese pos models. Not to mention, the coals sit right under the base (although the effect may be negligible). The craigslist ad is a good deal if you're purely comparing it to the price it retails for. But then you also have to worry about how well he took care of it. Not to mention, all the components are held entirely within the table, how do you clean it? How do you know if it's rusting? Unless I'm missing something (which I very well could be, please correct me if I'm wrong.) I think you could find a far better quality hookah at a cheaper price BRAND NEW rather than this thing. I've never smoked an Inhale hookah before though, as a disclaimer. Also, for future reference, you should probably post this in the ebay and craigslist hookah finds thread.  
  4. fuckthatvincekid

    Othmani Reviews

    Othmani - Star of Al Hamra Hookah: KM Trimetal Bowl: Mini Alien 2012 Screen/foil: Kaloud Lotus Hose: ASLI black Coals: Coco-Ultimates Base Liquid: Water Appearance: One of the finest cut tobaccos I smoke regularly. There a few stems, but even they are chopped into the same small size. Nicotine: 0.5% Nicotine according to the label Base: I would guess molasses Smell: Extremely potent. Blend of fruity flavors, the only one I can pick out myself is orange, but the label also shows a lemon, a pear, and a melon (cantaloupe?) Taste: Just as it smells, with a tobacco undertone. Fantastic. Smoke: Strong clouds. Buzz: Would be strong even for a regular Tangiers smoker Duration: 60-75 mins Purchased from: Medwakh.com Overall: 10/10 There's nothing wrong with this flavor and I don't think there would be a way to prove it at all. It does exactly what it set out to do. The only possible complaint could be the buzz could knock a less experienced smoker in the crevasse of their couch, but that being said, this will be a staple in my stash from now on.
  5. fuckthatvincekid

    What are you smoking right now?

    Been stuck on Othmani - Star of Al Hamra lately. Great fruity flavor.
  6. fuckthatvincekid

    New To Hookah. Have A Few Questions.

    1. There isn't enough evidence to say yes or no either way. Any form of smoking tobacco is harmful in SOMEWAY, although anecdotally I would say the health effects are negligible, as are "e-hoses". 2. No. All the herbal has no nicotine. Is there a particular reason you are choosing to go that route? Steam stones are also a decent option if you're going with a non-tobacco alternative. 3. Yes. Herbal is entirely without tobacco (I think they use sugar cane fibers? I could be way off haha). A thing a lot of people will attest that the normal tobacco-based shisha is far better in terms of flavor, variety, and price. There are several low nicotine brands if that is a concern as well, just ask if you have any more questions.
  7. fuckthatvincekid

    Genuinehookahs.com RIP OFF!

    Another email I found while looking up using who.is sites: yasser.mohmed@gmail.com He's based out of Egypt unfortunately, so internationally calling, but here's the phone number for whoever admins the site: 20-122-128-1634 ? (I think that's proper formatting.) Anyways, best route would be to try a chargeback, but there are your other options if you'd like to pursue them.  
  8. Not a problem! Currently sitting at 56~57% Everyone that reads this should be voting, takes only a few seconds, no sign up required.  
  9. fuckthatvincekid

    Minnesota Smokers Mn

    I live in a suburb near Minneapolis.
  10. http://hookah-freak.com/blend-off-voting/ Voted for Sweet Talk!  
  11. fuckthatvincekid

    Going To Start Stocking Coals Now

    I use Ultimates! They work fine. I mean, Coconara is definitely the top tier coconut coal, but ultimates are functionally the same. The differences are- 1. The cut CAN be inconsistent, but not so much that it puts me off. Just a slightly wider coal here or there. 2. The smell varies from batch the batch, but is never that awful IMO. CN might last a little longer, but for the price difference, you're much better off with Ultimates (again, just my opinion.) I hope anyone that tries them has a favorable experience, but we know how picky some of us can be.. :D   
  12. fuckthatvincekid


    Welcome to the forum! Don't be afraid to post, I used a lurk a lot too, you just gotta jump right in there.
  13. Looks interesting! wondering how it compares to what's currently on the market.
  14. fuckthatvincekid

    Yesterday's Pickup:

    How much was it again? It looks really good, definitely a unique hookah to have.  
  15. fuckthatvincekid

    Anyone Smoke Dokha?

    That's what I'm saying! I don't know if it's a nicotine tolerance or what, but I can't get a buzz of this stuff.