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  1. is mad he can't find his pipe review.

  2. wow sexiness! the chick is cute too, i guess...
  3. Akkbar

    How Do You Fund You Hookah

    Canadian Forces Armoured Crewman Right now I'm a tank gunner but I may get switched to loader. Going over to the sandbox in March woo!
  4. Akkbar

    Lighting Natural Coals With A Stove?

    i use the stove as well. i find the al-ajdad coals light well if you put the right on the element, but i always turn the exhaust fan on. They kinda smell like burnt popcorn to me (?).
  5. thank you chinamon. /spankbanked
  6. QUOTE (chinamon @ Jul 22 2009, 11:14 AM) QUOTE (ryno @ Jul 22 2009, 04:57 PM) Make him buy the new vase QUOTE (RingsMaster @ Jul 22 2009, 04:59 PM) i say make the person who broke it buy a new one lol thats always my policy he offered to pay for a new one but when i told him the price (after shipping) he offered me half. lol what a cheap fuck. i think i would rather suck up the lost $$ and just ban him. i will feel a lot better about the situation. wow, i can just imagine how that conversation went! "Dude, Ill pay for it." "Okay, it was $600." (Long pause) "I'll give ya 3?" Haha douche fag
  7. Akkbar

    Beer Suggestions For The Bar.

    If you're ever up north try Sleeman's Honey Brown
  8. Akkbar

    Ok, Thats It!

    I'm a nobody and no one remembers me, but even I know it's a gromskit
  9. Akkbar

    Canadian Smokers

    Calgary and Edmonton, AB, occasionally Wainwright AB and Gagetown, NB
  10. Man I missed you guys! I finally got some leave for about three weeks and I haven't had time to smoke apart from the quick puff at a party from time to time. I've been really busy with training and such, but I have been to some cool places and from what I've seen, hookah is everywhere. I get to go to Germany to finish my tank gunnery training and I'm looking forward not only to the beer, but also to smoking hookah with new German friends. I noticed that scali is up to his usual modding and creative ways; good to see. Does Mushrat still whip out his banhammer from time to time? So, what'd I miss? (lol)
  11. I was at the liquor store at the base up here in Edmonton, and I saw that bottle... the first thing i thought was "Hookah vase!". Is the vodka any good? For $50, the vodka had better be decent, but I'd probably be paying for the bottle more than anything else.
  12. Akkbar

    Thermal Stone / Coal Replacement

    I tried smoking using rocks from a fire once. It tasted like... rocks. Rocks do not taste good.
  13. Akkbar

    Work Pics!

    Armoured Crewman
  14. Akkbar

    Hey Guys

    hey ppls, im at basic training up here in cnada. just checking in with yas, not abbandoning this sweet forum. i should be done in about 10 weeks, then i got another 3 months of learning how to use a tank! anyway, all the best.
  15. Akkbar

    How Long Will It Take?

    I'm surprised we're not trading bullets already. Soon enough, I think.