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  1. Edward Kocanda

    Fs Tang Mini, 7, Pico And 2011 Small

    In for a super chief if you have one
  2. Edward Kocanda


    Hmm unless I googled wrong it looks like the forum hasn't had any hits since 2010. Either that or I'm looking in the wrong place lol o well.
  3. Edward Kocanda


    Wait a second how does one become part of these sample groups ?
  4. Edward Kocanda

    Fs. Elmas Osmanli 701 / Km And Persian Wooden

    This is a great price on this pipe like I said from elmas the hookah is 490USD and about 300USD shipping. I got mine from five star (god willing it will be here tomorrow so says ups) the hookah from them is 595 plus 12.99 for the bowl and 39 something for shipping. So when it was all said an done my order came out to something like 740. (Mind you I ordered a bunch of tangiers and coal etc.) I mean hell those hoses alone are 50$. This is a very good price. I wish I would have known about this thread last Saturday lol when I bought mine.
  5. Edward Kocanda

    Fs: Tobacco

    If it's still available I've got cash in hand for the lot?
  6. Edward Kocanda

    Fs. Elmas Osmanli 701 / Km And Persian Wooden

    I just bought one of these for 595$ from five star "facepalm" I need to come on this site more often. With shipping and some tang Damn thing was almost 800$
  7. Edward Kocanda

    Copper Hookah Hose

    so I have decided to make my own copper hookah hose. when my favorite hose brok anyway so looking at the pieces it's really a piece of pvc for the handle what I can identify as hair srunchy things and then of course some glue and the rubber hose which doesn't look like that big of a deal to replicate the only thing is I want to do it with a copper piping instead of rubber and a copper wrapped handle. but I'm having a he'll of a time finding the tube I need. I found this stuff below but I think it's steel not copper any suggestions where I can find the material I'm looking for I plan of going to home depot and Lowe's today to see what they have so we will see
  8. Edward Kocanda

    iPhone 5

    i meant isnt it lol not it isnt that was a typo >_< iphone is unix based and android is linux thats what android is open source.
  9. Edward Kocanda

    iPhone 5

    actually iphone isn't iphone unix based
  10. ok so here it goes it was my friends b-day last week so i wanted to get him a new hookah because all he has is a huge no name 3hoser hes not into the hobby as much as i am so im not looking to get him anything top quality. just something that says hey I'm an awesome friend XD. he loves my KM but im not spending 120$ on a gift lol im looking to spend more like 20-30$ lol so let me know what you guys have i know theme hookahs are generally looked down upon in the hookah community but hes into that stuff skulls and what not so i was trying to find him something like this just not for 90$ so anyway let me know what you have thanks http://www.hookahcompany.com/xerxes_slave_hookah_4502_prd1.htm
  11. Edward Kocanda

    iPhone 5

    i cant do it lol Imo way to big into custom roms. i love my s3 though running cm 10 jellybean and slightly over clocked to 1.7ghz the phone is lighting fast. i just dont see any reason to change i have given apple a chance though twice and i hated both times. my house pc is a mac because my dads an apple freak but. i think linux on my laptop runs much smoother different things for different folks i guess. lol
  12. Edward Kocanda

    Cherry Bomb Hookah

    if i could hop on a plane id be there but hookahset got my extra cash and the rest of my check has a KM stamp on it
  13. Edward Kocanda

    Fs Mya Paragon

    ya that looks kinda baller ? lol the petite stem
  14. Edward Kocanda


    I agree totally for the cash i could of had a waaaay better made hookah. Its kinda hard to find a decent 4 person though as we usually have 6 to 8 people smoking off of it at any given point.
  15. Edward Kocanda


    See now i have a sahara and i love it i have had no issues with the hookah at all of course all i still have left of the actual sahara is the stem lol. And it smokes like a dream no problems with rusting or any of that. And it hits hard lol i but again i dont use the vase,bowl, or the hose's it came with just the stem lol. They are expensive though and i would like a back up im saving up for a KM at the moment i would like an almas but they are outlandish expensive. But its worth looking into just the stem of one as those are actually pretty good