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    Able To Buy Stuff On Here?

    [url="http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/16-tradesfor-sale/"]http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/16-tradesfor-sale/[/url] might help you out some =)
  2. Gingerbot

    Nirvana Super Shisha

    just looked at that site... i must say, best names ever.. that is all
  3. Gingerbot

    Texas Tx Smokers

    you literally probably live like 10-15 miles from my house lol
  4. Gingerbot

    Texas Tx Smokers

    for sure man... i live in down 276 about 3-4 miles outside of Emory.. chilling here all week
  5. Gingerbot

    Texas Smokers Meet Up

    I would like to put together a meet up for us Tx smokers. I'm not very familiar with the hookah lounges in the DFW area, so if anyone knows a good place to meet let me know. Unless someone has a place they wouldn't mind having some people over. I can't do weekends due to work, so would love to set it up on a weekday. Trying to get a date in advance enough for people to plan for it. March 5, 2012 or any day around that week preferably. If you have any ideas let me know and i'll see if i can't edit this with some info on the meet-up.
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    so... was wondering who all on here plays, which realm, class, and character name. I play on "The Fatman" Sith Assassin Tank named Day'walker
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    welcome to HF.. people here know their stuff, i increased my hookah knowledge 10 fold in the short time i've been here
  8. Gingerbot

    Texas Tx Smokers

    Lake Fork and Lake Tawakoni, Lake fork is home to one of the best fishing tournaments in this parts of the States. Tawakoni is decent.. however its gutted of almost every tree so the fish habitat is kinda non-existent, but they have good Crappy, Stripe bass, and sand bass. i dont go fishing there often since we sold our boat, and both are pretty low due to a drought a while back, but still beautiful.
  9. Gingerbot

    This Is Alex From Germany! :-)

    Hey Alex, welcome to HF, you'll love it here. your English seems great to me I absolutely love the German culture, i actually want to move there later on in life if i get the chance. Not sure if it is a real word (not an English major) but "Hookahing" is one i use often.
  10. Gingerbot

    Texas Tx Smokers

    im 30 mins south of Sulphur Springs on st. hwy 19 small town called Emory
  11. Gingerbot

    Rick Moranis

    are you the gate keeper?
  12. Gingerbot

    My New Km

    i must say.. that is hands down the sexiest hookah i have seen to date.
  13. Gingerbot

    Hey Everyone!

    welcome to HF.. i haven't been here long .. but love it so far, lots of cool people and lots of great information
  14. Gingerbot

    Texas Tx Smokers

    From about an hour and a half east of Dallas here.. drive to plano/richardson about every week
  15. Hey whats up, I'm new to the forums, obviously, otherwise i would not be posting in the "introduction" section.... been smoking hookah for about 6-9 months, just made the move up to a large hookah, the Nammor Ramses III. love the hookah, super sexy and bad ass looking. had owned a small Mod until now. anyways, ranting now... im a ginger.. hence the title.. yes.. just like South Park depicts them, just with half a soul instead of none, i at least have a sense of humor. i work 12 hour weekend shift with very little to do but surf the web and research random stuff.. i find myself reading these forums most of the day, trying to soak every bit of helpful information about hookah as i can. always up to chat about what ever, bored most of the time at work. so uh.... hi
  16. Gingerbot

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    except for Hookah SMOKE 'TIL YOU CROAK!
  17. Gingerbot

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    all things are good in moderation
  18. Gingerbot

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    [quote name='Pavo21' timestamp='1328814764' post='538418'] i want this game just no money for it atm [/quote] when you get the cash, defanatly play on The Fatman, most populated server and its a PvP realm world PvP = awesome sauce
  19. Gingerbot

    Egypt Help!

    oh hey look at that... its my stereo and T.V. in the background
  20. Gingerbot

    New Ginger On The Block

    thanks =)
  21. thanks, and yes.. it reassured me that getting this hookah was a good idea.. had my doubts at first but figured it was user error lol
  22. hey, new to forums, just moved up from a small mod to a Nammor Ramses III and having some trouble getting the bowls just right. I've watched/read all of those guides of how to pack certain bowls, tips on heat management, etc. setup: Nammor Ramses III Vortex bowl Coconara flats ice water (usually) standard Nammor Hose with my friends Egyptian Furat we just simply put 2 or 3 coco flats and pack the vortex bowl normally (sprinkled/slightly packed) and it hits perfect and smooth within a few hits, with my nammor i tried using the same set up and it not only takes close to 5 minutes to get it smoking like a chimeny, but then it only stays that way for a few minutes and losses most of the smoke output as well as gets harsh. i can tweak around with the coals and get it smooth again.. but only stays that way for a few minutes again. i had just finished smoking a bowl of Al Tawareg Cali. Dream, was amazing for bout 20 minutes, then i just couldn't get it back to being smooth with thick smoke again. As well as if i let is sit for more than 2 minutes my base had lost all of the smoke that was built up. i checked my purge valve to see if it was stuck open as well as tried using my "monster can wind cover" to retain more heat, but the base just couldnt hold any smoke for more than a minute or so. if you have any helpful advice it would be greatly appreciated. Just a new comer to large hookah's searching for that "perfect bowl." if you need any more info let me know.. im just chilling here with my friend, smoking some hookah and listening to some music.
  23. Gingerbot

    The Definitive Music For Smoking Hookah Thread!

    been enjoying some Apocolyptica lately.. pretty much any of their songs.. nice mellow and relaxing to listen to while conversing with some friends.... and hookah'ing it up
  24. Gingerbot

    New Ginger On The Block

    [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1328513912' post='537986'] Welcome for HF! We love gingers here! [/quote] really now? not much love for gingers these days... i assume im not a loner among the forums then?
  25. attempted to reply already, but shitty internet is shitty... so second attempt here we go thanks for the tips.. started a bowl using the one that came with the hookah... seems to be a worlds apart from the vortex.. in a good way.. smoking like a champ with tons of flavor and base is building up smoke perfectly.. using 3 coco's with fantasia shisha thanks again for helping.. (smiley face)