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  1. AF orange and mint mixed... mmmm tasty
  2. CO_hookah

    Secret Santa?

    Wish i knew how to post pics from a phone... got mine! A black Nammor hose, 50g of Romman kiwi blast, a starbuzz pomberry shot (my favoritw starbuss flavor btw) and some shiazo organics. I'm excited! Thank you, SS! :)
  3. CO_hookah

    Secret Santa?

    I tried sending it again, anything?
  4. CO_hookah

    Secret Santa?

    Did you get mine?
  5. The herbal has no tobacco while the regul is tobacco
  6. CO_hookah

    Secret Santa?

    Sure, count me in :)
  7. CO_hookah

    Is My New Hookas Syrian?

    Hi, Thank you everybody! I bought it in israel and it cost me 170 Israeli shekels (=48.14 U.S. dollars) Whhere in Israel did you get it?
  8. Starting in 6 months in NYC you will have to be 21 to purchase tobacco products... Good thing I'm of age!   http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/19/us/new-york-city-tobacco-age-law/
  9. CO_hookah

    Green Syrian Tower Base For Sale!

      I keep trying to Pm you back! Are you getting them?
  10. CO_hookah

    Green Syrian Tower Base For Sale!

      The great city of New York has once again decided it is time to take away my spare spending money...     PS: sorry for the double post, computer is freaking out
  11. CO_hookah

    Green Syrian Tower Base For Sale!

    Showing would be great! Knowing me, i'd do something wrong. I just need to find the money now...
  12. CO_hookah

    Green Syrian Tower Base For Sale!

    Would i need to get a new grommet for it to fit on a km?
  13. I think this is the 25,000th topic in this subforum... seems fitting it would be a ban thread!
  14. CO_hookah

    Tang For Sale

       Always great to see fellow brooklynites! everyone in NY should have a meet!  Yes, i second that!