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  1. AF orange and mint mixed... mmmm tasty
  2. Secret Santa?

    Wish i knew how to post pics from a phone... got mine! A black Nammor hose, 50g of Romman kiwi blast, a starbuzz pomberry shot (my favoritw starbuss flavor btw) and some shiazo organics. I'm excited! Thank you, SS! :)
  3. Secret Santa?

    I tried sending it again, anything?
  4. Secret Santa?

    Did you get mine?
  5. The herbal has no tobacco while the regul is tobacco
  6. Secret Santa?

    Sure, count me in :)
  7. Is My New Hookas Syrian?

    Hi, Thank you everybody! I bought it in israel and it cost me 170 Israeli shekels (=48.14 U.S. dollars) Whhere in Israel did you get it?
  8. Starting in 6 months in NYC you will have to be 21 to purchase tobacco products... Good thing I'm of age!   http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/19/us/new-york-city-tobacco-age-law/
  9. Green Syrian Tower Base For Sale!

      I keep trying to Pm you back! Are you getting them?
  10. Green Syrian Tower Base For Sale!

      The great city of New York has once again decided it is time to take away my spare spending money...     PS: sorry for the double post, computer is freaking out
  11. Green Syrian Tower Base For Sale!

    Showing would be great! Knowing me, i'd do something wrong. I just need to find the money now...
  12. Green Syrian Tower Base For Sale!

    Would i need to get a new grommet for it to fit on a km?
  13. I think this is the 25,000th topic in this subforum... seems fitting it would be a ban thread!
  14. Tang For Sale

       Always great to see fellow brooklynites! everyone in NY should have a meet!  Yes, i second that!