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  1. I finally had a good experience with tangiers!

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    2. Skeletor


      Thanks man... It really takes time to learn this shit!
    3. Twitchy


      i know ive been screwing around with it for awhile, still havent got it perfected
    4. Skeletor


      Damn! Good luck... It's a long but yet rewarding trip.
  2. Thanks a lot! For all of you. This topic has helped me a lot since I'm still trying to figure the "strange case of Tangiers tobacco". Btw. I'm glad you guys have no idea how much I have to pay just to get the damn brand imported here
  3. Skeletor


    Still...I rather get shot than shoot anybody.
  4. Just ordered my first KM!

  5. Skeletor

    A Speedy Recovery, Almighty Mushrat!

    Get well soon, our sensei!
  6. Skeletor

    Hookah Virgins

    [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1327345459' post='536413'] [quote name='Skeletor' timestamp='1327344226' post='536411'] Hah, funny stories! My first time smoking hookah? I lit an quicklite indoor then dropped it and burned the carpet I was just standing there and thinking "what should I do?" [/quote] Grab it with your fingers!!! Yeah, I've actually done this before... [/quote] Should have tried that! Was it success or was it disaster? Your fingers will tell!
  7. [quote name='gramps' timestamp='1325375438' post='534295'] Wow! Did you see those massive clouds? [/quote] I was just thinking the same thing! nice clouds girls!
  8. Skeletor

    Hookah Virgins

    Hah, funny stories! My first time smoking hookah? I lit an quicklite indoor then dropped it and burned the carpet I was just standing there and thinking "what should I do?"
  9. Welcome to Hookah Forum! Thanks for joining us :) Please be sure to read our Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/ You may also formally introduce yourself in our Introduction thread here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/7-introductions/ Thanks and haMFy posting!

    1. Skeletor


      Thank you very much! I already made an introduction post right there and of course I read the Forum Rules couple of times so that I don't have to be one of those "I didn't know" kinda guys. But thanks for the reminder!
  10. Skeletor

    What Did You Get Today?

    Winshlusses Pinocchio comic, vortex bowl and 250g of nak DA.
  11. Skeletor


    Tell us about your strange way of looking at life? Would be interesting to know
  12. [quote name='KasbahBazaar' timestamp='1326867252' post='535919'] [quote name='Skeletor' timestamp='1326863343' post='535915'] Oh it's science, then no problem! [/quote] Got a problem with science?? lol [/quote] I freakin' love science!
  13. Oh it's science, then no problem!
  14. [quote name='KasbahBazaar' timestamp='1326832434' post='535860'] How about the myth of freezing hoses, base, blah blah blah makes the smoke better. FALSE! Cold numbs the taste buds (hence why beer is drank warm in Europe) so you taste less of the flavor. Room temp water is the best for the base of a hookah and freezing any part of the hookah is just silly in my opinion. [/quote] I'm from Europe and my beer isn't warm right now...IMO freezing your vase makes a huge difference and doesn't make flavors go away but everyone got their own style. Let's wait for the vid.
  15. Skeletor

    New One Here : )

    Well you got that right! I'm starting to like your friend...just a heads up ... just kidding but still, a bad ass idea!