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  1. Egermann a Syrian/Nizbor combo are sold! If an admin/mod sees this please delete those items from my post.
  2. 10" Egermann Cobalt Blue Bell w/ 24K Gold Angel Fish- Good shape, no water spots just a spot or two in the frosting from the frosting process I'd assume. It's been used about 4 times in the time I've owned it. Very nice shape. Bohemian sticker is peeling on the edge a bit. As shown in the pictures. $90 SHIPPED to the lower 48           Farida Glass Bowl- Brand new, unsmoked. Got as a promotional item back when I stocked Faridas but I never was crazy about glass bowls so it didn't get used. $12 with another item or $18 shipped       10" Egyptian Green/Gold Bell- Unsmoked, never used. Pretty nice shape on this one. $25 shipped     Will update with more items/remove items as they are sold. Thanks!
  3. Hello to all my HF constituents!   Those of you who know me know of my previous venture into the hookah business providing only the finest, rarest products and best service. Though that has since come to end/hiatus/intermission (call it what you want) I do have some cool stuff from my private collection that I would like to thin out before I move this month. I'll update it as often as I can and will be adding more stuff as I come across them.   Vintage Syrian w/ 9.5" Nizbor Jumbo Bohemian- The stem needs a good polish and has a small ding in the tray rest. The Nizbor has some wavy paint lines, some wear, and is not perfect. The pics show it all. The stem is hollow and I don't believe the tray to be original as it's Lebanese but the stem itself is Syrian, no doubt about that. This thing is at least 10 years old and I have never smoked it since purchasing it from a supplier. Looking for $120 SHIPPED to the lower 48.                
  4. KasbahBazaar

    Elmas Nargile Usa

    The prices on Elmas pipes is going to change, unfortunately for the worst. They sent me their wholesale price list and it's pretty appalling, no way this was a good move to bring the prices down here. I looked into making a purchase and not only is their wait time for orders very long but I can't afford to buy pipes in BULK (10 or more) $10 below retail and hope to be competitive....
  5. KasbahBazaar

    Fs Boludo's Collection

    Would you separate the Karakol stem at all?
  6. KasbahBazaar

    Common Or Traditional?

    I lost you when you said it's too flimsy but you use Crown bowls  ;) Regardless, yes, there are improvements that can be made to the aesthetics (such as making it lower profile much like a Leb/Turk bowl) and yes, if we make another run it will be a new version. I like to hear valid criticism that can help improve the bowl but just as Tyler said, I'm not sure I follow your logic for not liking it. But to each their own! That's what's awesome about this hobby, there is something there for everyone so if you don't like something you can try other alternatives.... but I guess not in this case because there is not another stoneware male funnel on the market  :D
  7. KasbahBazaar

    Common Or Traditional?

    NEVER! Female ports=bad unless you know you like the crappy Kasbah phunnel or the crappy adapters xP Crappy Kasbah funnel? Strange, we never made that model ;) We haven't heard a complaint yet but I'm interested in why you feel that way. The material is very high-quality stoneware and the glazes are top notch Mayco foodsafe hi-temp glazes.
  8.   He must have deleted it because I can't pull it up anywhere now... Chreees! I did no such thing! :D Lol shows up for me. Hello everyone! Miss you all and I look forward to being back in the game sooner than later. Until then, I'll try to make it around more often.
  9. KasbahBazaar

    Starbuzz Ehose

  10. KasbahBazaar

    Incoming Nour Spear :-)

    Yea, what Chreees said. Also, I hope you are not being serious about divulging some huge secret about Karabetian... A) They have been discussed to death B) Their name is stamped on almost every box of Nakhla and C) As a private individual you can't order from them anyways.
  11. KasbahBazaar

    Naklah Hookah

    There are few models I know of, some of which are basic KM Cafe style, in addition to these ornate models.   I got those pictures that Pavo posted from the only place I have known of that actually had them in stock. That said, if you guys are interested in them I'll try to see what pricing we're looking at and I'll grab a few models, maybe shoot some detailed videos and at the very least some pictures.   It seems we are seeing more and more of these "single-cast" models coming out of Egypt, like Farida Platinums and Shikas, and I believe this is just another example of Egyptian companies learning from Syrian styling and attempting to fill the void in the market.
  12. Correction, it's not an El Nefes Sultan. An El Nefes Sultan is this. I love the tray on that one and thankfully it accepts male bowls and has no purge (unlike the "modernized" ones sold as El Nefes).   Anyways, unfortunately this one seems to have the same core drawbacks as the Sultan: Common chamber and a threaded downstem. I would love to be able to have that tray on a better proportioned and more solid pipe, but I'm not willing to spend $300 and so for those of you looking for a pipe with a lotus tray, this is probably your best bet.
  13. KasbahBazaar

    Fs: Tangiers Pico And Sealed 500G Static Starlight

    Sold, lock it up! Trade complete :) -fouda
  14. KasbahBazaar

    Fs: Tangiers Pico And Sealed 500G Static Starlight

    Yep, Pavo, it's a sexy glaze scheme indeed. I'm kind of surprised I haven't sold this yet!