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  1. 8 & 12 MG are low, but the reason you want low is because it is condensed. You could get one hit that is a monster, and the rest all weak. Matter of fact, I have some Tangiers that doesn't wanna acclimate 100% to my liking, so i added some blueberry to it. I added 7 drops or so, but my level is 18MG. Standard is about 15-18. My understanding is that shiazo stones are very similiar to e-cigs. I vape alot [e-cigs...] and they are entirely made up of 1: Flavor 2: Base (PG/Propylene Glycol OR VG/Vegetable Glycerin) <--- Also makes smoke/vapor 3: Nicotine So what i would do, is get some USP grade Vegetable Glycerin (google search "e-liquid + vegetable glycerin + sale") and mix it w/flavoring, (again only use e-liquid/e-cigarette stuff cause' you know it's safe to inhale) and nicotine juice. You can use a calculator from [url="http://www.ejuice.breaktru.com/"]http://www.ejuice.breaktru.com/[/url] if you want one that is downloadable, or online @: [url="http://www.todmuller.com/ejuice/ejuice.php"]http://www.todmuller.com/ejuice/ejuice.php[/url] this way you never have to buy the shiazo liquid again. Thing to keep in mind, because of the amount you will be smoking- instead of using the normal 15% flavoring, 15% nicotine, the rest VG OR PG (Though i recommend VG! It's in almost all shisha, that and honey); i would use like 5% nicotine. You might think, oh well i already have this juice... Well, that's true. But you need at the minimum a good amount of liquid to absorb the nicotine evenly. And really, I make all my own e-liquid, and it costs me about $0.15/pack. And BTW: in those cartridges, it is equal to the amount of 2 packs of cigarettes, though not really because all the additives and gun powder etc in cigarettes help your body absorb the poisons better. So you feel less nicotine essentially. I tried adding juice to my bowl right now and i got a few big big hits, and i'm sure the rest randomly burned away... lol. So, my point is that it just must be spaced out and mixed really well. Good luck, if you get stuck pm me or have the admin shoot me an email. PS: I didn't list the actual vendors i buy from because I don't want to promote anything, just show you the correct route from an experienced user in both fields. The above links are all free.
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  3. ds_1007

    Why So Many Coals?

    Ah, that makes sense with the phunnel bowl. Strange why people would use it on a regular one. I guess I would just add some glycerin & honey if I wanted more clouds. Thanks for keeping it real and the good info. [left] [color=#fafafa !important][size=4][/size][/color][img]http://www.google.com/uds/css/small-logo.png[/img][/left]
  4. My question is, I see all these reviews where people are using like 4 coals or more! In what way is that possibly necessary? I use one coconara and if i use Q.L.'s cause' I'm out of my good coals, i use then maybe two. Is it the setup? I feel like all my shisha would burn away... I will say this, I used to not think much about wind covers, until I got one. Now I use only 1 coal, and definitely only one. I used to use two, but I just can't fathom 4 or more. What possibly is the reason you would need to use so many? Someone please explain this to me, it bothers me because I can't find any logic in it. Further more, I believe in the best coals, shisha, and hoses. And while nice expensive hookah's are ideal, I don't believe they are entirely necessary. I have a $30 hookah that is nice and airtight, and the hits i get are phenomenal. I'm sure I will buy a expensive one when I fall in love with it, but for now I'm content. And as a last note, do you think it is embarassing if I shoot videos/reviews with said $30 hookah? Haha, I don't say a lot because I don't feel like speaking on something I know nothing about, but I feel as if any information I do offer would be quite noteworthy. So if I post, will I look like a jerk because I have a cheap set-up? Will people disregard my opinions because of this set-up? Any thoughts, comments, tips; much appreciated. Take it easy! -D.S.[left] [color=#fafafa !important][size=4][/size][/color][img]http://www.google.com/uds/css/small-logo.png[/img][/left]