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  1. deejmemixx

    Got A New One Today

    ...thats what she said...?
  2. deejmemixx

    What Did You Get Today?

    been offline for some time... but   got a new vortex bowl, and some flavors.   Al Fakher energy drink cola watermelon and vanilla
  3. deejmemixx

    Chreees's Collection Thread

    dang, talk about drooling. Very nice set up and fantastic pictures.
  4. deejmemixx

    Wrong Flavor..?

    well thanks for the response.....this makes no sense though. I love black licorice..but if I wanted that flavor I would get it. Strange, it should taste like apple, oh well...guess I will just keep trying the fantasia line. I want to try tangiers but it kind of confuses me, and I need a diff bowl for that right?
  5. So I bought some Fantasia Tripple apple...and it tastes and smells like black licorice. It faintly smelt like it at the store but I just blew it off...... is this normal?
  6. Welcome to Hookah Forum! Thanks for joining us :) Please be sure to read our Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/ You may also formally introduce yourself in our Introduction thread here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/7-introductions/ Thanks and haMFy posting!

  7. deejmemixx

    What Did You Get Today?

    a nice long red velvet hose with a sick glass mouth piece ... to lazy to upload picture atm and some Candy Cane Fantasia flavor
  8. deejmemixx


    [quote name='Fouda1122gbf' timestamp='1325985483' post='534974'] [quote name='deejmemixx' timestamp='1325953550' post='534907'] I have some hydroponics Peach...which is fantastic, burns great, taste great etc. [/quote] Excuse me if I'm wrong but isn't the point to bake the shisha not burn it?? [/quote]when I said burns I mean it didnt get harsh..
  9. deejmemixx

    What Did You Get Today?

    [quote name='MichaelLCP' timestamp='1325982958' post='534969'] Today I got my Egermann Boho from Chris for my al nawras. Gorgeous. [/quote]Picture?
  10. deejmemixx

    What Did You Get Today?

    I figured this would be the best spot to put a post like this, Just a place to puff up and show off anything new you got today. Could be a new hose, flavor, hookah etc. I got some flavors today Fantasia- Triple Apple Fantasia- Surfer on Acid Hydro herbal- Melon Dew
  11. deejmemixx


    ya with more research I will not be able to change up the hoses, but I am going to make some tips for it with pvc pipe and what not.
  12. deejmemixx


    Did some searching but did not see this anywhere, if it is point me there and kindly delete this post. Can you use any hose on any hookah? I would like to get a diff hose at some point in time. Hoses have diff characteristics correct? Or is it more about the looks of the hose?
  13. deejmemixx


    [quote name='Floataround' timestamp='1325955420' post='534919'] What kind of bowl and coals are you using? (null) [/quote]WellI am pretty sure it is a mod hookah bowl, and the coals are Starbuzz instant light. which I am sure is what I will be told to do diff. as well, but I have no way of lighting a natural coal atm.
  14. deejmemixx

    Hello There

    Hey all, As you can see by the post count I be a forum newb, and well a hookah newb. I am a cigar smoker as well and that is actually how I got into the world of hookahs and shisha. I did a xmas trade and my Secret santa sent me some Acid Starbuzz Orange. I had no hookah to smoke it in so naturally I had to go buy a hookah lol. I have sense fallen in love with it, so relaxing and tasty. I usually smoke while playing cribbage with my wife. Living in Green Bay. Oh ya...I am a forum freak
  15. deejmemixx

    Wisconsin Wi Smokers

    green bay here.