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  1. headhunter added a post in a topic: Haze   

    Haze  Intensity 

    Hookah: KM butterfly
    Bowl:  Shallow SS Bowl
    Screen/Foil: Single Layer HD Foil
    Hose:  SS Hose
    Coals:  CoCo Nara
    Base Liquid:  Water

    Appearance:  Standard cut (similar to starbuzz)
    Nicotine:  0.05%
    Base:  Honey & Glycering
    Smell: A very sweet smell that has slight fruity tones, but i was unable to identify them
    Taste:  Very Sweet, and again with the Fruity taste...almost a little orange with perhaps strawberry?
    Smoke:  Good Clouds
    Buzz: None
    Duration: 2.5 Hours

    Purchased From: Local Shop

    Overall: 8/10 A good Flavor but i would have liked to have known what it was supposed to be since i couldn't really get a true knowable flavor out of it, I also love that for this one they didn't dye it which i enjoy since dying it is very useless to me. Overall i enjoyed it, i might buy it again but i would love to know what it is supposed to be.
  2. headhunter added a post in a topic: Happy Birthday Erica!   

    Happy Birthday!! have fun in Vegas man, sounds like one heck of a way to have a b-day!
  3. headhunter added a post in a topic: Wow...   

    Thanks chris and haha sorry, i will try to more often i have been busy with classes and such but i will don't worry. Just always seems to be dead when i sit in it for a while lol but really once spring break roles around....everyday, all day lol
  4. headhunter added a post in a topic: New Hookah   

    really getting a QT would be much better if you need a portable hookah, as i said in the review its and okay hookah, but looking back to when i had it 9/10 the smoke was rather hot. You also have the problem that to change the battery in the light it a pain in the arise like no other, damn near impossible. Another note is that the glass that makes up the actual "Base" is of very poor quality and cracks with no problem. Finally cleaning it is one of the hardest things i found with it, just always seemed like i always missed something. Anyway if i were you i would go with a QT as you can also use different bowls with it and hoses, and even if you wanted to bases. The leila on the other hand can do none of that. just my  :twocents:
  5. headhunter added a post in a topic: Not Again! Elder Chris's Turkish Sneak Peak   

    +1 for complete Nargile truth lol
  6. headhunter added a post in a topic: Not Again! Elder Chris's Turkish Sneak Peak   

    those vases.....so beautiful  :blink: in any case the stem and hose are beautiful as per usual with Turkish Nargile's. But still if one of the vases vanishes....it wasnt me :ph34r:  
  7. headhunter added a post in a topic: Happy Birthday Mustang67N!   

    i second this, Happy Belated good sir nate!
  8. headhunter added a post in a topic: Wow...   

    Wow, thanks guys really. I know i haven't been around lately but reading all of these actually really helped. And on the idea of a job, i might be getting my old delivery job back, which is okay i guess even though the place was rather....interesting (to put it nicely). But really thank you all, on a brighter note things have been looking up, iv been doing better and my mood has improved overall (i have even been able to pick up the guitar and play now as before i couldn't even do that) so things are looking up. Again i cant thank you guys enough, Thank you all.
  9. headhunter added a post in a topic: Sneak Peek   

    Yayy chris!!! thats awesome man gratz on finally getting it!!! :yahoo:  But deff need pic's and if you do just say the world i would love to see it over TC.
  10. headhunter added a post in a topic: Wow...   

    Hey guys so i just need to get some things off of my chest right now.....the past month almost has been a living hell, im going to a Junior college, taking 17 credit hours (the normal is around 12 im one away from the cap) and trying to focus on school. All the while im being yelled at by my parents to do more, to help more, to stop being the apparent deadbeat son i am (even when i say that around them they just shrug their shoulders). On top of that last weekend on my way home, i stopped at a truck that had taken a corner to fast and slid, flipped over and smashed its roof. The driver was someone from my graduating class in HS, the passenger was a girl by the name of Alyssa, who was still in high school a junior to be exact. When i pulled up the driver was out and running around freaking out about Alyssa, i was the second caller into 911 to report it. The first responder (a County Cop) told us to leave because we didn't see the accident happen. Lo and Behold when i wake up the next morning i find out that this girl who was still in HS died, and whats worse i knew her to some extent, it just didnt click. On top of all this a week ago, a girl i care about managed to get cut on her chest by one of my "Best Friends" one deep enough to need 66 Stitches, it was less than a cm away from puncturing her chest cavity and lung, whats worse is that this girl i care about is utterly in love with this guy, even through him doing that....so im stuck being the person keeping watch, because it was an accident to a point....so much crap has happened to me in the past month that i cant really even process it all right now, im totally lost on so many issues, my grades are suffering, and i can barely get myself out of bed in the morning. Right now the only thing keeping me going is the fact that i have to watch over that girl......that and this weekend i am seeing my all time favorite band in Chicago. Right now, im down and nothing is really helping.....im sorry iv dumped all this on you guys but really my rents refuse to talk to me about any of it and my friends really dont comprehend what im saying and going through... 
  11. headhunter added a post in a topic: New Mya Mikro   

    i actually kinda like it, the bowl design seems like it would make heat management easier, and perhaps its more suited for the traditional style Mu'assel, as i saw somewhere that shallow bowls are suited better for the drier types, but i could be making things up again. Either way cool design, my  :twocents:
  12. headhunter added a post in a topic: Hey Guys, Question On Heat Management. Teach Me Your Ways (;   

    pahahaha win pavo, total win  :lol:
  13. headhunter added a post in a topic: Sneak Peek   

    its okay hass, you havent just caused chris to call it Nargile, not Hookah or Shisha. Ever since the topic of names came up again iv been calling it that, even though all of the weird looks my friends give me lol
  14. headhunter added a post in a topic: What Is Your Goal/dream?   

    [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1358717552' post='569142']
    unfortunately... I don't have one...never have... kind of saddens me. Life with no direction.

    But its still life stuie. We are here on this planet to have a life, and to live a life you need to live, and thats different for everyone.
  15. headhunter added a post in a topic: Has Anyone Ever Smoked With A Canker Sore?   

    the only thing i have seen myself with an open sore was a co-worker that had her wisdom teeth taken out and was told not to smoke. She did and got what i think was called dry rot (or something like that, its been a while) so i think you should be fine because she was a cig smoker and since nargile is so much smoother i think you should be fine. But im no doctor, and speaking of try going to yours and asking, though you might get the "you should stop smoking" speech and what not

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  1. headhunter

    welp...have a fever and coughing up a lung...my new years is gunna be fun as hell :(

    1. Chreees

      Same here man. :(
    2. headhunter

      yeah it seems like its this thing going around up here...doc thinks i might have bacterial bronchitis :/
    3. KasbahBazaar

      Same... 90% of people I know are sick right now too. I blame it on the filthy rugrats in our family that were in town for Christmas.
    4. headhunter

      I would blame that if i had any filthy rugrats in my family lol im the youngest actually..
    5. Arcane

      so....you're the rugrat everyone's blaming their sickness on. haha!
  2. headhunter

    dear TC you are an Ass.

    1. Chreees

      Fucking TC!
    2. Arcane

  3. headhunter

    why cant 5star just teleport my Elmas to my house? And save me the anticipation of waiting for it to get here.....

    1. Chreees

      In the future, anything is possible! Too bad it's the present currently and you have to wait.
    2. mustang67n

      if i lived in the future.. i'd teleport back to now with an extra teleporting device. so we would learn to teleport sooner o.O
    3. mustang67n

      then.. the idea of time and space would nearly cease to exist though.. hmm... this sounds dangerous. perhaps instead i would teleport to the time teleportation is invented and I would destroy the plans and the creator.. just imagine the damage that could be done! my my..
    4. headhunter

      hahaha oh god nate, but in theory very true lol
    5. â€On

      If I had a teleporter, I would just teleport all my garbage into nates underwear. Little by little. Just imagine it. Every day he would be like "OKAY SERIOUSLY, WHERE IS ALL THIS GARBAGE COMING FROM! I WAKE UP EVERY DAY AND THERE IS BANANA PEELS AND TRASH IN MY UNDERWEAR!!" oh, the many lulls I would have.
    6. mustang67n

      lol ty.. if you had a teleporter you'd teleport me into YOU'RE underwear, don't lie.. you know you would.. wait.. i have that backwards.. its vice versa
  4. headhunter

    Tomorrow Tangiers arrives. Tomorrow i Smoke like a king

  5. headhunter

    just a notice, im prolly gunna be on TC tonight with my new KM if anyone would like to join me :)

  6. headhunter

    Work at 4:30, then up till about 2 or 3 working on an art project....all the time smoking *feelsgoodman*

  7. headhunter

    just love it when my boss gives me my check on a sunday...amazing...not

  8. headhunter

    liela for the win!!! awesome hookah

  9. headhunter

    New hookah ordered :D cnt wait for friday....to see if hookah-shisha messed my order up lol

    1. r1v3th3ad

      front 242 is my shiznit :)
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