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    After owning it for a while, I feel that the Shishavac is less designed for household use, and more designed for lounge use. Lounges clean every hookah they have after every smoke, and the 'vac cuts down the drying time, increasing the turnover time and effectively giving them more smokable hookahs at any one given time. The 'vac also clears the hoses out in seconds, a feature that we at home take for granted since we buy expensive Razan/Nammoor/KhalilMamoon hoses, but the hoses at a lounge see alot more abuse, and I feel that the Shishavac helps keep their hoses lasting longer. Lounges also have to start large amounts of charcoal at one time to accommodate all their customers, which the 'vac covers nicely, if not a bit awkwardly. (although I feel that the 'vac would have an easier time starting charcoal if the basket was a bit more full) It also pulls on the hookah for you, starting it without you having to fish out a mouth tip and suck it yourself. This lets one person quickly get multiple hookahs smoking for customers by themselves. And that's the reason we go to hookah lounges- So we don't have to set the thing up ourselves. If you're a traditionalist, and love the ritual process of setting up a shisha, then awesome. But alot of people don't want to go through the 'hassle' (which is in quotes because we all know it's no hassle) of setting it up just to have a smoke. The Shishavac is a tool for hookah lounges to, at least partially, add a mechanical advantage to setting up the shisha to allow the workers at a lounge to keep up with the demands of the customers. Wow, that got wordy. tl;dr Shishavac is great. Don't buy one. It's not for you, it's for lounges.
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    I got the shishavac for christmas... kinda. I got a gift card from a friend for SouthSmoke. so I bought the Shishavac because I have so many hookahs that I'd feel bad for getting another one, because I'd probably only smoke it once and then put it on a shelf. Its other functions are quite useful, and I personally would never spend 300 on such a silly machine. But to get it as a gift... I quite enjoy it.
  4. A shishavac. Only a hookah smoker would be excited to get coal for christmas
  5. My doctor told me that hookah's not that bad...
  6. TopHatAce

    Car Smoking Tips

    So I saw a thread about smoking in your car, and since I frequently drive 3 hours to WCU and smoke the whole way there, I thought I'd post some tips for a fun, safe car trip. (Note: I do not claim to be an expert on state laws, all information here is provided from experience and is not intended as legal advice. Moderators are free to remove this post if it is in violation of any of the forum rules) 1. Smoking hookah in your car is, as far as I have found, not illegal. I was pulled over in Boone with a lit hookah in my car. I told the cop what it was, what was in it, and not to touch it because it was hot. He said it was not illegal. It's a tobacco pipe, and unless they have changed something, you can smoke any kind of tobacco pipe in your car. NC law states that an officer of the law cannot confiscate a hookah unless he can confirm the presence of marijuana. It cannot be considered paraphernalia unless the presence of marijuana can be detected. This has been corroborated by many police officers, security guards, and highway patrolmen that I have asked about this while smoking in public places, but may not be accurate. Now that we have that out of the way and my butt is sufficiently covered... 2. I have found that cracking the driver side window about an inch will keep the car from getting hazy. The air blows past the window, but not into it, which will create a slight vacuum and suck the smoke out the window. Also, if you must turn your heating/air conditioning on, only use the vents that blow on your feet. Otherwise, the airflow will spoil your clouds and mess up your window-vacuum. 3. If you have a hookah specifically designed for the car, like the Leila, awesome. If you are using a standard hookah, you have options. Use a small one and try to get it in the center console. I used the Mya Gelato when I didn't have my Leila. Or, if you're riding with a friend, get your tallest hookah with the widest base and set it on the floor between the passenger's feet. This will help keep it from tipping over, and the height of the stem will let your friend or relative hold it steady. 4. When you set up the bowl of a standard hookah in the car, think safety first. (That was kind of a no-brainer, but still.) I usually make a lip around the bowl out of aluminum foil, about 2 inches high. This helps keep the coals from moving about, or sliding off the bowl and on to my floor. I also frequently add a wind cover, for extra extra safety. Also, check to make sure the bowl doesn't wobble on the grommet, as this can lead to disaster. 5. There is no easy way to light coals in a moving vehicle, especially quicklights. Pull over, open your door, and hold the coal out. I have used the cigarette lighter that came with the car to light quicklights before, but I had to hold the lighter in the socket for about 3 seconds after it pops. Most cigarette lighters automatically 'pop' partially out of the socket when they are hot enough, but this is usually only hot enough to light a cigarette, not a coal. 6. Keep stocked with a flavour you don't mind smoking with warm water. I personally like Starbuzz Caramel Apple and Caramel Macchiatto, as well as other cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, and mint flavours. That's pretty much it. I've smoked in my car for about 2 years now, and I haven't really had any mishaps other than a burnt bowl of Starbuzz Black Grape, but then again that flavour ALWAYS seems to burn, no matter how I try. I hope this helped some people out!
  7. TopHatAce

    Inhale Or No Inhale?

    Inhale. With one exception. When I'm smoking in the car and I need two hands for something, I will stick the hose in my mouth and puff it. But otherwise: Deep exhale Inhale Smile ??? Breathe clouds Profit
  8. TopHatAce


    So, I'm Ace, and I smoke hookah. My girlfriend, Kiki, quit cigarettes and got on hookah when we got together. I keep all sorts of reptiles, and own an exotic pet store here in Charlotte. I share my apartment with 3 tegus, 4 bearded dragons, a green tree python, 2 water dragons, and 2 fishtanks. I go to college online, I hope to move to Asheville soon, and I have a tumblr account called Smoking Outside The Box, where I post pictures of me doing ridiculous things with my hookah, like smoking on a canoe in the middle of the river. As a note to the moderators, I am NOT here to advertise my pet store on this forum. That would be in worse taste than the one time I burnt a bowl of Al Fakher Cappuccino. And as a note to the members of this fine forum, please don't PM me about my reptiles. Just go to my website
  9. TopHatAce

    North Carolina Smokers Nc

    Charlotte NC. And the local hookah bars are... less than adequate. Smoke at my place, I'll make sure to do it the right way! (Disclaimer: Do not enter if you are afraid of snakes)
  10. Ok, so this is my first post, so bear with me here... So I broke down and bought the Shishavac. Mostly because I needed to clean my hoses, my stove HATES lighting anything but quicklights (ugh), and I usually set up 2 or more hookahs and needed a practical way to light the charcoal, clean the hoses, dry the hookah parts, etc. I believe it was a good investment, but there's only one problem. I use Coco Naras almost exclusively, and I have to take the basket off the burner and flip the coals over every time. Admittedly, I'm using old-school cube-shaped Cocos, so if I switch to the flatter ones I might get better results, but I still have 120-someodd coals left to burn through until I run out. Is anyone else running into this problem? If so, (or if not,) does anyone have any ideas? I'm a little worried about leaving the coals in the burner for too long without flipping them, as the bottom tends to taper and decrease the surface area.